Memberships are a great way to dramatically cut your paintballing costs. They are available in 1 month and 3 month time frames. Currently they are only available at our Splatter Ranch facility in Scottsdale, AZ



Product Description

Membership Includes:

FREE equipment rental if needed.

Free admission during open play hours at our Splatter Ranch location for the length of the membership, one FREE CO2 fill per session or all day compressed air for one tank each game day. And $10.00 off per case of field paint. (Discounted paint purchase cannot be shared or transferred to non-members)

With a one month membership, it pays for itself in 2 visits and you are playing for free each time you play after that!

Savings Example:

Average player:

  • Admission: $25.00
  • All Day Air: $5.00
  • Case of Field Paint: $45.00


  • Admission: Included
  • All Day Air: Included
  • Case of Field Paint: $45.00
  • Savings per Game Day: Up to $35.00

Membership Prices:

  • One Month $69.95
  • Three Months $169.95