Gift Card
Each card has a one time $2.00 activation fee.

Purchasing a card is easy.

  • Gift cards can be purchased at Splatter Ranch or online.
  • Gift cards can be sent by mail or picked up at Splatter Ranch. 
  • Adding funds to a card you already own works the same way. You can bring the card to the field to add funds, or on this site and bring in the card when ready to play.
  • When reloading a card please remember that we must physically see the card and insert it in the machine to add the funds. So if you order online, you must bring the card when you come in to play so the funds can be added.
  • If ordering online to add funds to a current card, be sure to put in the current card number so we can match the card to the order when adding the funds.
  • No more sending the kids off with your credit card. Just get them a Westworld Gift Card and reload it each time they come in to play.

Gift Card

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