Deluxe Paintball Birthday Parties at Westworld Paintball Fields Located in Mesa and Scottsdale.

Making a deluxe party reservation at least 24 hrs in advance comes with lots of perks!

What You Get

  • When you book with a minimum of ten players at our everyday low price of $84.95/player, everyone receives a face mask to keep. A maximum of 50 players per day, per location are allowed at this rate.
  • The Guest of Honor also receives a brand new paintball gun to take home!
  • In addition, each player gets an ample supply of 1000 PAINTBALLS.
  • We guarantee that all the rental equipment will be held and reserved for your group.
  • To complement your paintball party experience, your group will receive an expert ‘personal team member’ from our paintball staff for up to 4 hours who will assist your group with getting your party underway!
  • He/she will be dedicated to your group and available with skilled insight, answers to your questions and overall expert advice pertaining to your guns and rental equipment, paintball playing styles, field strategies and player techniques.
  • He/she will coordinate the check-in and paperwork process, get you through orientation, assist with all your paintball guns and rental gear as well as conduct and teach a few personal playing tips that will help your group get the most out of their paintball experience at Westworld Paintball Adventures.
  • Proper equipment usage and safety of your gun will be demonstrated along with paintball playing tips, tactics, strategy and techniques.
  • During play and afterwards, your groups expert will critique and provide further recommendations and playing analysis for each player that is sure to improve your skills on the paintball field.

Deluxe birthday party reservation slots fill up fast at both of our locations so book now to make sure we have availability.

What To Expect

  • Westworld has an accessible refrigerator for a cake to be stored during game play.
  • We have picnic tables for friends and relatives to sit at and watch from the sidelines.
  • Free WIFI at Splatter Ranch.
  • We have a fully stocked Pro Shop for those who wish to browse for gifts and other paintball merchandise including clothing, guns, gear, and everything else your group may want to compliment their paintball experience at Westworld Paintball Adventures.

Step 1

The first step when you arrive at our facility will be to fill out the necessary paperwork and check out the equipment.

Step 2

After that, a quick safety and orientation video will cover all the basics of play and safety instruction.

Step 3

A full staff of referees will assist in dividing the players into teams and then the paintball fun begins! Teams will be adjusted throughout the day to ensure balanced play.

With over 37 years of experience providing the ultimate paintball parties, Westworld Paintball is the obvious choice to host a deluxe party or event! Whether you are a newcomer to the game or a skilled paintball player, we provide a safe and exciting paintball experience!  Deluxe parties are available during open hours, Saturday and Sunday at Splatter Ranch as well as any additional holidays.

Paintball birthday parties are available at Splatter Ranch.

Paintball Birthday Parties at Splatter Ranch Outdoor Paintball Field Located in Scottsdale, AZ
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