February 2017- Z Nation

Three years after a zombie virus gutted the United States of America, a team of everyday
heroes must locate and transport the only known survivor of the plague. His blood is vital in
finding a cure. Join us at Splatter Ranch: Saturday, February 26th as we play out Z Nation!
Are you trained enough to fight off the Undead?

Summer 2016 - Civil War

Round 1 ”Tip the Scales”:

Round 1 began with Captain America knowing that this potential civil war was going to be close and every advantage was necessary, including taking the first strike. For this round Iron Man and War Machine were tasked with defending a large ammo container, which required two people to move and contained the latest in military technology. Captain America and Ant Man were set to retrieve this item from the grind house at all costs. When the horn sounded Captain America and Ant Man led the charge strait for the middle of the field and to the grindhouse. Captain’s team did a good job rushing to the spot while Iron Man and War Machine placed their soldiers in defensive positions around the ammo canister. In their haste the Captain’s team left no one behind to defend the base flag and a small contingent of Iron Man’s soldiers were able to sweep around the entire perimeter quickly and undetected for the only base flag swipe of the game (oops sorry spoiler alert). The Captain was unable to get his hands on the ammo container and his team found only 3 of the 15 power cubes spread throughout the field. After a futile assault it appeared as though the scales had indeed tipped, to Ironman’s favor.

Iron Man 1,050 points
Captain America 450 points

Round 2 “Iron Man’s revenge”:

Round 2 began with Iron Man furious that the Captain would attack him and in true Stark fashion planned a mission to kidnap the top scientist working with Captain America’s team. At the horn Iron Man’s team took its time knowing the importance of placing a base defense before executing an assault. Buffed up with Deadpool cards and Hypervests the Iron Man lead army move confidently and slowly. This delay allowed Captain’s team to quickly find many of the power cubes spread throughout the field and set up into key defensive positions. Captain and Ant Man fought furiously as evidenced by the 4 deaths between them in addition to the two-helo drop massacres behind enemy lines. The Captain’s troops kept Iron Man and War Machine on their heels and unable to capture the scientist.

Iron Man 1,550
Captain America 1,150

Round 3 “Destroy Iron Man’s supplies”:

Round 3 began with the Captain possessing two tactical nuclear devices; Captain’s army has acquired the location of 3 ammo depots that are not inhabited. The mission was to destroy two of the three locations. Captain’s army now had some confidence and by splitting into two groups each one with a nuclear device the plan was to hit Iron man from each flank. This was the fiercest battle of the day and most closely fought. Both armies had Deadpool cards and Hypervests and both commanders placed helo drops to keep the front lines reinforced. Iron Man’s soldiers were able to defend the buildings and gather a fair amount of resources. The Captain and Ant Man stayed behind the front line commanding their troops and staying alive closing the gap in points to set up the final battle.

Iron Man 1,950
Capatian America 1,750

Round 4 “Stop the Countdown”:

Ant man was able to sneak back in to the facilities while Iron Man’s soldiers were extended out fighting the battle and plant the two nuclear devices. Ant Man has now allowed the Captain and his soldiers into Iron Man’s Base. Iron Man must now fight his way back into his own base to disarm the two devices before the countdown expires and the ammo depots are destroyed. Iron Man’s army knew that they had the lead in the scenario and that securing some power discs staying alive and protecting the base flag could win the game. Since the Captain was unable to plant any devices during the last round, disarming just one device would also secure a victory. The power cubes had the potential to swing the battle however both teams were able to capture equal numbers. Needing to be aggressive the Captain and his Army took control of most of the field as Iron Man probed for weaknesses to get to the nuclear devices. The Captain made a valiant attempt at capturing Iron Man’s base flag but was repelled by the many defenders who were led by War Machine who had been hobbled during the battle but could still defend a stationary position. In the end it was Iron Man and War Machine who prevailed by holding off a furious and continuous assault!

Iron Man 2,400
Captain America 2,150

January 2016 - Star Wars The Force Awakens


December 2015 - Santa Claus vs the Martians


November 2015 - Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Blackops 3
Mission 1:
The NCR commandos were able to capture the CIA operative and hold him in their base. While the CIA made a valiant attempt to get him back, they were unsuccessful.
Mission 2:

The CIA did not mourn their losses for long, and sent troops to retrieve data off a Mobile Storage Device (MSD) located at a destroyed black site. They held off the enemy long enough to extract all the data, but were not able to eliminate the other team completely.

Mission 3:

Dr. Yusef Salim held vital information for the CIA to be able to move on and complete their next task. The NCR held the enemy off for al long as they could, but Salim was captured and freely gave his programming code away to the Americans before being executed by the NCR.

Mission 4:

In a final push to either delete/ or release the virus Yusef had made, both sides made for the computer mainframe hoping to upload their tactical computers and save, or destroy humanity. The NCR made it first however, and secured the building while uploading their kill order. All was lost…

Click herefor pics of the event!

October 2015 - Mad Max, Fury Road


After receiving the missions for the scenario, the crew of splatter hastily made a full working car (mobility scooter) and laid out the plans for the day. With speeches written, objectives placed and loyalties in question, the day was ready to begin.

Official Recap:
“Rage is best kept for the road”

Mission 1:
In a daring, and surprising feat, the Warboys attacked Mad Max and his crew of rebels. The Warboys Commander braved the harsh conditions and led his crew onward until they had their goal: Max himself. Returning to their Citadel, the Warboys celebrated their victory.
Winner: Warboys

Mission 2:
During their celebration, Max escaped and stole back his ride to return to his men. To rub in the defeat, Max stole the Warboys Commander’s Wives from the Citadel and was able to escape, but not without taking damage himself and being forced to let his men complete the mission alone.
Winner: Tie

Mission 3:
Low on fuel, and in desperate need, Max led his men to 4 gas depots with the Warboys hot on their trail. Despite the Warboys successfully eliminating most of Max’s men and taking the gas depots, Max himself was able to retrieve the last gas container escape to safety.
Winner: Max

Mission 4:
Realizing the war will never be over as long as the Citadel stands, Mad Max and his fighters stormed the Citadel from all sides. While the Warboys had the tactical advantage, Max broke though the enemy lines and destroyed the Citadel once and for all.
Winner: Mad Max

September 2015 - Avengers - Age of Ultron Series Finale

Operation Angel
In game one, both teams were tasked with recovering ‘hostages’, represented by small spheres. The spheres were scattered about the field, and not easily visible. At game start, both teams pushed forward, skirmishing with each other while scouring the field for the spheres. The Avengers team pushed into the Grinder in the middle of the field, turning it into an armed strongpoint. The Ultron team staged several hit-and-fade strikes against the entrenched Avengers, with the dry wash on the south side of the field becoming a hotly contested zone. Both teams settled into an intense stalemate: the Avengers couldn’t spare players to search for spheres, lest they lose control of the Grinder and wash, while the Ultron players couldn’t spare players to search for spheres, lest the Avengers team consolidate their hold on the Grinder and the wash. As mission time ran out, the Avengers managed to locate and secure 5 spheres, while the Ultron team managed to secure only 2.

Operation Infection.
In game two, the Avengers were tasked with defending a position known as ‘The Alamo’ from an Ultron assault. The Ultron team had to place a bomb in the Alamo to score badly-needed points. At game on, the Ultron team launched an intense blitz of the Avengers squad, pushing to within sight of the Alamo. “Captain America” stood in the Alamo, and utilized his shield (hits to his shield were declared to not count) to defend himself. As shots smacked and splattered his shield, Captain America directed his team as to where to go, what side of the Ultron line to press, and where to counterattack. As the minutes wound down, and the Ultron team inexorably pushed towards the Alamo, the Avengers second in command yelled ‘BROKEN ARROW!’ The Ultron team paused, momentarily confused, giving the Avengers team time to fall back to the Alamo, and set up a perimeter. The Ultron teams regrouped and pressed the Avengers line again, but were unable to crack the defenders line as time ran out.

Operation Last Stand.
For game three, both teams would be battling to capture and hold the Grinder in the middle of the field. Fatigue and the heat were starting to take their toll on the players, but every player marched to the field for the final mission. At game start, the Avengers pressed forward, risking being surprised and routed by the Ultron squad. The Ultron team advanced more cautiously, pushing forward while covering their team mates.

The Avengers squad took control of the Grinder, and the clock started. The more time each team spent in the Grinder, the more points they would earn. The Ultron squads began attacking the Grinder, sending players up to batter the defenders and try to dislodge them. Eliminated players from both sides would run back to their starting points to respawn, and then return to the battle. As the game wore on, the heat and exhaustion started to take their toll, and players from both sides would make their way back to the staging area rather than return to the game. Despite severe losses, the Ultron commander and second in command refused to quit the field, even when offered a chance to surrender, and played until game over was called. Despite several determined attacks, the Ultron team was unsuccessful at ousting the Avengers team, who claimed victory in all three scenario missions.
Avengers – 1640
Ulton – 1870

August 2015 - Avengers - Age of Ultron Pt 3


Mission 1: Operation Rescue

Ultron’s forces began to mount a world-wide attack, hitting several major cities. The Avengers were tasked with saving as many civilians as they could from Ultron’s assault. Team Avengers had to capture four flag stations, in sequence, in order to earn the mission points. As the flags were captured they transpired into new re-insertion points for the Avengers team.

At game start, the Avengers team sprinted to their first objective and despite a spoiling attack from the Ultron team, managed to capture their first flag in less than five minutes!

The game settled into a series of attacks and counter attackes by both teams. With unlimited respawns, a 50 minute time clock, players would hustle back to their respawn point, tag back into the game and then return to the front lines. The Avengers started to slowly grind their way to flag 2, holding off a determined Ultron team. The Avengers pushed to within a few yards of their second flag, but a brilliant assault by the Ultron squad shattered the Avengers battle lines, throwing the blue team back from flag two.

Despite a long game time, and several quick strikes by the Avengers team, time ran out before the Avengers could capture any other flags.

Mission 2: Operation Upgrade

The Ultron forces were tasked with updating Ultrons software, then uploading Ultron into a new, enhanced android body. The Ultron team would have to carry a data terminal to the satellite uplink point, and remain there for 5 minutes, while Ultrons software updated, then take the data terminal to the new body in the middle of the Grinder at the center of the field.

At game start, the Ultron team pushed their way through the dry wash on the south side of the field. The Avengers started along the north boundary of the field, and quickly pounced on the Ultron team. The battle quickly turned into trench warfare, but the Avengers couldn’t completely halt the Ultron team. The red Ultron squad slowly pushed foward towards their first objective, with the Avengers dogging their every move. But, as the game wore on, the heat of the day started to take effect. Players would jog to their reinsertion points, then slowly walk back to the battle…their energy starting to wane. One Ultron player refused to give up…after being tagged out, he returned to the dead box, set down his marker, then proceded to make several attempts to take the data terminal to the uplink tower while completely unarmed. Several times, the player would get tagged, respawn, dash back to the dropped terminal, and push it forward one more bunker before being eliminated.

Despite the Ultron players heroic attempts to capture the objective, game time ran out before Ultron could reach their first objective. Both teams wearily walked back to the staging area, discussing the games.

Final score for the day. Ultron 150. Avengers 200. (The score was incorrectly tallied on the day of the event)

Tally for the last 3 scenarios: Ulton 1340. Avengers 1070

Close scores.. Who will win? Will you be out to make sure your team is victorious? Are you holding a winning ticket? Join us at Splatter Ranch, Saturday, September 26th for the final conclusion of Avengers, Age of Ultron!

July 2015 - Avengers - Age of Ultron Pt 2


While searching for methods to disable Ultron, the Avengers were ambushed and struck by the hallucinations brought on them by Scarlet Witch. The Avengers were able to shake off the effects, with one exception: The Hulk flew into a frenzied rage and began to attack the city, wrecking buildings at random. The Avengers attempted to stop him before the Hulk leveled the entire city.

A dozen boxes representing city buildings were scattered about the field. The Ultron team (with Hulk) had to destroy as many ‘buildings’ as possible before game time ran out, while the Avengers were tasked with protecting as many ‘buildings’ as possible. Both teams initially put up very strong offenses, scouring the field for the ‘buildings’ while at the same time trying to hold off the other team’s attacks. Players had unlimited respawn, needing only to return to their starting base to ‘tag in’ to continue the battle. Often, players would be eliminated, then sprint to their tag to respawn and then rush back into the game, hoping to intercept the other team. Members of both teams tried to ‘spawn camp’ the other team’s reinsertion point, but were quickly pounced on and eliminated by their opponents.

The Ultron team was able to successfully destroy six ‘buildings’ before time ran out, earning 60 points, while the Avengers defended the remainder of the city, earning 60 points for each building protected, plus an additional 50 bonus points for preventing the Ultron squad from leveling the city. Ultron: 60. Avengers: 110.

Operation Upgrade saw Ultron attempting to upgrade himself into a more advanced body. To do so, the captain of the Ultron team would have to remain in a small zone in the exact center of the Grinder in the middle of the field for 15 minutes. If the captain left the zone, the clock would stop. When and if the Ultron captain returned to the zone, the clock would continue. At game start, the Ultron team blitzed the Grinder, getting their captain into the target zone and setting up a defensive perimeter. The Avengers team mounted several determined assaults against the Ultron team in the Grinder. Eliminated players would sprint back to their respawn points, form a hasty plan with whoever was respawning with them and then rush back into the firefight. With 3 minutes left to ‘upload’, the Avengers were finally able to push into the Grinder and tag out ‘Ultron’.

The Ultron captain dashed back to his reinsertion point, ‘tagged in’, then led a ferocious counterattack on the Avengers players in the Grinder. The Avengers were pushed out of the Grinder and the Ultron captain resumed the upload process. Despite a last minute attack from the Avengers, the Ultron captain managed to achieve the 15 minutes, earning the mission points for the Ultron squad.

During Operation Upload, both teams learned that a copy of JARVIS (originally thought destroyed by Ultron) was somewhere on the field. If the data terminal containing the copy of JARVIS could be located, the Avengers would have an advantage in destroying Ultron. If the Ultron squad could find JARVIS first, then the Avengers would lose a valuable resource. The data terminal was found on the field and taken almost to the Ultron team base. The Ultron player carrying JARVIS was tagged out and dropped JARVIS. However in the ensuing chaos of the final minutes of the game, JARVIS was left on the field with neither Ultron nor the Avengers scoring the bonus points.

The final score at the end of the day was bittersweet for both teams….a tie at 110 points each.



June 2015 - Avengers - Age of Ultron Pt 1


Team Avengers and Commander CJ had to intercept and capture the traitor Baron Von Strucker, while Team Hydra and Commander Lance were to escort him to the extraction point. As the mission proceeded, Team Hydra set a forward defense. Meanwhile Commander Lance crawled with Von Strucker for approximately 75% of the way. Team Avengers in the mean time had attacked the rear of the convoy fairly successfully and without knowledge that Von Strucker was so far ahead. Team Hydra were successful and rushed Von Strucker to the extraction point.
Team Hydra/Ultron – 250
Team Avengers – 0

Team Avengers with the help of Tony Stark, assaulted Von Strucker’s compound and had to extract him back to the Avenger base. Team Hydra had set up a strong defense however, Commander CJ had snuck into the base to retrieve Von Strucker. He was able to transport Von Strucker 20% of the way before succumbing to Team Hydra. This is where team member Alex captured Von Strucker and returned him to the Avenger base with no opposition.
Team Hydra/Ultron – 250
Team Avengers – 50

Team Avengers sought Loki’s scepter. While in search for the scepter in Team Hydra’s possession, Team Avengers attacked Team Hydra. For the majority of the battle, Team Hydra did well to defend the scepter. It was not until the final moment that Team Avengers, with the help of team member Alex who heroically somersaulted into the objective’s location and ran the scepter back to base, where they were victorious in the defeat of Team Hydra.
Team Hydra/Ultron – 250
Team Avengers – 300

Ultron becoming self aware, attacked Team Avengers to retrieve back the scepter. With Team Avengers surrounded on all sides, Ultron did his best to infiltrate the base. Two Ultron robots, John and Josh, made it into the base, however they could not retrieve the scepter. Team Avengers had defended against Ultron’s attack.
Team Hydra/Ultron – 270 (10×2 points awarded for entering the base)
Team Avengers – 300

With Team Avengers narrow victory, the victorious Commander CJ awarded the MVP to Alex for exemplary service to the Avengers.

Hydra and Ultron, while losing by a small margin will be back to fight. Commander Lance awarded the MVP to John for two enduring charges that could have turned the tides.

May 2015 - Agents of SHIELD


During MISSION MISCHIEF MAKER SHIELD and Commander Tilly had to escort Loki to the extraction point. Little did they know, Hydra and Commander Ryan King had planned to find the key to unlock loki and free him. As the mission proceeded, Commander Tilly, with the help of his squads, was able to reach the half waypoint. Meanwhile Commander King, frantic, was trying to find the key to unlock loki at two possible locations. With a final push to the left side, Hydra secured the left side for the key. Unfortunately, that key location was a false one and SHIELD was able to secure Loki at the extraction point. However Hydra unlocked a secret mission to bomb two of SHIELD’S points.

SHIELD 250 points
Hydra 0 points

For MISSION FREEDOM ARROW Hydra needed to protect a mind controlled Hawkeye to SHIELD’S Data center where he was to shoot a arrow inside to destroy it. SHIELD on the other hand, found a way to break Loki’s Mind control. SHIELD had to find the bow to free Hawkeye. Hydra started this mission fighting SHIELD off to make room for the big push. They eliminated much of SHIELD’S forces for most of the mission, however SHIELD had saved up some Helicarrier drops and landed near Hawkeye’s bow. SHIELD then proceeded to ambush Hydra’s forces to free Hawkeye.

SHIELD 500 points
Hydra 0 points

With Hydra down very many missions, they try to excel at MISSION REBIRTH. With five tesseract weapons out on the field, both SHIELD and Hydra tested their strengths to secure them. Hydra decided to shock SHIELD by displaying a fierce fast offensive. Hydra secured two tesseract items very quickly and also unlocked two secret missions to find 2x encrypted files and to find 3x vials of iridium. With those secret missions unlocked, Hydra diverted their attention to finding those items. With this in mind, SHIELD had secured the rest of the tesseract items. With all items found, the mission ended with Hydra finding 1x encrypted file and 2x vials of iridium.

SHIELD 650 points
Hydra 160 points

Hydra now feeling the heat from SHIELD, went out to finish strong on MISSION REDEMPTION. Hydra must defend three helicarriers in which SHIELD was to hack. SHIELD flanked Hydra from two sides and pinned down the Hydra force right in front of the helicarriers. Unknown to SHIELD, Hydra had been saving up their respawn abilities until the end. “If they cut off one head, two more shall take its place”. Hydra had multiplied too far. They overwhelmed SHIELD and defended the helicarriers as well as found 1x encrypted file and 1x vial of irrium.

SHIELD 650 points
HYDRA 450 points

In the end, SHIELD was victorious. Commander Tilly gave his award to Daryl Robinson for his commanding abilities and awarded the MVP to Jonathan Gil for his exceptional squad leader abilities.
Hydra beaten but not broken, will fight to see another day. Commander King awarded his MVP to Tom for finding objectives.

Join us for our summer scenario series “The stories of the Avengers” The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America and Thor.

We will travel through space and time to relive the moments that shook Marvel.



April 2015 - Hydro Wars


WOW! That one word pretty much sums up the month of April. It was an extremely busy but thrilling month at Westworld. The Easter Egg Hunt went off with a “bang”. The lucky hunters found prizes for bandanas, field passes, memberships and more. It was an “egglicious” event.

Buckeye Xtreme Sports hosted the 3rd “Draw of the Hat Tournament” and once again it was a “Xtreme” success! It’s really exciting to see this event continue to grow! More new faces joined the ranks and battled hard for the top spot. Buckeye Xtreme Sports will be holding the event again this month and we’re confident it will be the biggest one yet! Make sure you don’t miss out on the action. Book Now!!!

Our first scenario at Buckeye Xtreme Sports was code named “Hydro Wars”. Many, many thanks go out to The Haboobs, an Arizona Scenario Team. It was cleverly written, executively produced and superbly directed by their squad. With mechanical warriors storming the fields and billowing clouds of smoke creating multi-colored illusions, this scenario was one for the books! It blew us away! Keep reading for the recap and pics! We look forward to hosting the next event later this year!

Westworld Paintball would like to wish all those hard working moms a Happy Mother’s Day. To help you celebrate, bring mom or granny to any of of our locations on Sunday, May 10th. Their admission and equipmental rental is on the house with your paid entry!

May is chock full of events at all locations. Read on for more information and make sure to mark your calendars for those events you want to attend.

Join us at Buckeye Xtreme Sports as one of the best players in the Valley runs you through a rigorous training session!! Michael Urena has trained alongside the likes of the LA Ironmen, a pro paintball team that has played all over the world. He will run you through several drills to increase awareness on the field! Learn how to win gun battles with snap shooting! Get to bunkers quicker with a dive or a slide! Hold that marker steady as you run down field and much more!

Follow this link for more information and reserve your spot today! This is one TRAINING DAY that even Denzel would approve of!

This tournament is perfect for all players to participate in. Whether you’re new to the sport or a more seasoned player, take a gamble as we randomly place you on teams with a “Draw from the Hat”

We’re changing things up a bit for the 4th installment. Pre-book in advance for your spot and the cost remains at $25, of which $5 goes straight into the prize pot. If you wait until the day of the event, the cost is $35, of which $10 will go straight into the prize pot. The winning team will be awarded with a cash prize! Grab your friends, neighbors, co-workers, whomever – the more players, the bigger the cash out.

Sunday, May 24th, at Splatter Ranch is the the place to be as we bring you this exciting prequel straight from cinematic screens, making it perfect for the upcoming 4 part Summer Avengers series!

If unfamiliar with the series, get a jump start and check out this youtube video!

The STRATEGIC HOMELAND INTERVENTION, ENFORCEMENT and LOGISTICS DIVISION, S.H.I.E.L.D. has come under fire from two forces. With the surprise attack from Loki and hydra, agent Nick Fury must find a way to save his agents as well as destroy the rebellion. Will Loki and Hydra causes the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D or will Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. defeat the dual threat and live another day to protect the world from threats?

On April 25th, AZCA (led by General Alexander Thresher) faced off against AZMA (led by General Jesh Perez). Their first main mission was to collect funds by searching the abandoned vehicles for briefcases of money known to be stashed there. AZMA’s General threw caution to the wind and charged his people down the field. The strategy was a success and AZMA collected $7000 to AZCA’s $4000. The CIA would be happy to take the money off their hands in return for the use of Mercenaries, Plagues (walking-tanks), Air Strikes and Rockets. Any money not spent would be converted to points, so the Generals had to choose wisely.

Three mini missions followed to give the teams a chance to test their strength and for the CIA to collect some money from them. The snipers on both teams managed to eliminate their targets for the first mini mission despite Plagues and Mercenaries being bought by both sides. Then with an apparent stalemate as Plagues choked up the field, a skilled AZMA player took out the enemy’s Plague with a well aimed grenade and AZMA succeeded in capturing the Laptop for the second mini mission. The fighting was fierce as each team pushed sides, but neither team managed to capture the base flag for the last mini mission.

It was time for the next main mission. Both teams were sent back to their command centers to retrieve their hydro drillers. There was only a limited amount of time for the teams to get the drillers set up on the berm. As both teams lugged their drillers to their sides of the berm, the fighting got intense. A storm of fire went over the berm as each team tried to push up. Finally, AZMA prevailed and got their driller into position after several failed attempts. AZCA would not give up though. A brave group of them charged the berm hoping to overwhelm the defenses with bodies, but they were were mowed down. After regrouping, AZCA’s commander bought an airstrike from the CIA, but it still wasn’t enough for them to complete the mission in time.

At the break, combining points and money, AZMA led with 6200 and AZCA had 1500.

The next main mission was to disable the Plagues by capturing their up-link. More money was to be found on the field as well. AZCA, knowing they were behind, charged down the field and managed to collect $4000 to AZMA’s $2000. AZCA quickly ordered an airstrike and pushed up one side. Later a second airstrike got them even farther. AZMA responded with an airstrike of their own, but AZCA would not be denied. A Lieutenant by the name of Hogan, dashed unarmed to the up-link and ran it back as far as he could before being shot down. Another AZCA player picked it up and got it to the command center to compete the mission.

As the day wore on, the weather took a turn for the worst. It was decided to run the final battle while it could still be done. The hydro drillers had unexpectedly found gold. Both teams had to start from their command centers to try and collect it and stay alive. AZMA took a page out of AZCA’s book and sent an unarmed player charging to the berm. He quickly collected one of the five gold bars and ran it back to a teammate. Then one at a time he collected three more the same way. AZCA had failed to push up to the berm in time. General Alexander Thresher decided he would show his team how it was done. He ran up the berm, fought off the AZMA player, and collected the last gold bar for AZCA.

Finally, it was time for the death-match! At the end, the survivors were tallied making the final score: AZMA 12,600 to AZCA’s 7,200.



March 2015 - Aliens Vs Predator


Mission 1 Results:
The Aliens pushed forward halfway through the map early and could see the Predator’s landing craft that they must destroy, however the Predators were able to hold their own for most of the battle, while they attempted to destroy the Forward Operating Base, which housed many of the Aliens. It was not until the last 5 minutes of the ticking time clock that the Predators finally overwhelmed the Aliens enabling a Predator to enter the Forward Operating Base wreaking havoc on all that were present

Predators: 500
Aliens: 0

Mission 2 Results:
The Aliens hungering for revenge, started out strong and wanted to take out the Predator’s landing craft to end things early. Unfortunately they were met with the Predator’s who were at full strength and the bloodlust raged through them as they learnt that the Alien Queen was nearby. The Predators were able to hold back the Aliens, things did however become worrisome as it looked like the battle would remain at a standstill. Luckily the Predators Captain , unbeknownst to the Aliens had ordered an missile air strike to destroy the remaining Aliens taking out the Alien Queen in the process.

Predators: 700
Aliens: 0

Mission 3 Results:
The Predators opting to use credits for an early release of 4 Predators, rushed the map to contain all three parts needed. After securing the 3 parts, the Predators were suddenly under heavy attack by the revengeful Aliens. This however was not enough to give the Aliens the advantage as while deep in battle, the Predators were able to escape with all 3 much needed parts.

Predators: 1300
Aliens: 200

Mission 4 Results:
The final battle to ensure survival of the species!. The Aliens, still hungry advanced. The Predators who determined that victory was near, sent few out at a time while hold on the defensive. As the battle raged through the ranch, an Alien was able to capture a lost human out on the field, providing them with an energy surge to ensue the battle continued. As the time wore on and carnage continued, the fighters grew weary and started to retreat. All that was heard was the murmurs of promises to avenge their Queen………

The Predators took victory as they were successful in destroying the Queen, making them the Overall winners for the day. Thank you all for coming out and check out the upcoming Haboob run Scenario “Hydro Wars”

Final Score –
Predators: 1300
Aliens: 300



February 2015 - Expendables


Round 1 “Find the Expendables”
Ross must use his forces to find the Expendables while Stonebanks and his goons must prevent this from happening. Both Ross and Stonebanks can be eliminated throughout the mission and will count for 100 points per elimination for the opposing team. Five Expendables have been placed in houses on the field. These Expendables cannot be touched by the defending players. Helicopter drops are activated! Pay special attention to helicopter rules and watch out for enemy helo drops!
Ross was attacking this mission and he was able to spread his many players out evenly throughout the field. Picking their way through the houses and shrubs, they were able to extract all of the Expendables. Their attack became so overwhelming that they were able to kill Stonebanks twice, once early in the game and then again after being brought back in by a helicopter drop.
Ross and the Expendables: 600 points
Stonebanks: 0 points

Round 2 “Capture Stonebanks”
Ross and his team must capture Stonebanks and return him to the insertion point before the time expires. Both Ross and Stonebanks can be eliminated throughout the mission and will count for 100 points per elimination for the opposing team. Helicopter drops are activated. Pay special attention to helicopter rules and look out for enemy helo drops!
This mission had Ross and his team attacking again with their mission being to capture Stonebanks located in the “Alamo” and get him all the way back to their insertion point. With helicopter drops and reinsertions being active for the first 15 minutes, it was a furious battle as Ross and the Expendables had to earn every inch of ground. The last half of the game looked like it could go either way as Ross pushed through to the last line of defenders protecting Stonebanks. In the last 5 minutes, Ross was able to sneak a player in to grab Stonebanks and return him to the base. Ross was killed once during the battle putting Stonebanks’ forces on the board.
Ross and theExpendables: 1000 points
Stonebanks: 100 points

Round 3 “Free Stonebanks”
Stonebank’s team must free Stonebanks and return him to the insertion point before the time expires. Both Ross and Stonebanks can be eliminated throughout the mission and will count for 100 points per elimination for the opposing team. Helicopter drops are activated. Pay special attention to helicopter rules and look out for enemy helo drops!
Now the tables were turned as Stonebanks’ forces were tasked with grabbing him out of the Alamo and returning him to the insertion points. This is where Stonebanks could get back into this game with a furious push. This round went much like the last hostage rescue mission with a furious fight for position during the first half and the last 5 minutes being even more dramatic with Stonebanks’ eventual MVP Eric sliding in to capture Stonebanks and returning him in time for the full 400 points. Eric’s assault was aided by a crack team of 12 year old girls that were equipped with rentals and a clear desire to exact revenge on Ross’ forces as evidenced by their eliminating the entire south side of the field. Ross was killed during this furious assault giving Stonebanks’ team another 100 points.
Ross and the Expendables: 1000 points
Stonebanks: 500 points

Round 4 ”Kill the Expendables”
Stonebanks must use his forces to find and kill the Expendables while Ross must prevent this from happening. Both Ross and Stonebanks can be eliminated throughout the mission and will count for 100 points per elimination for the opposing team. Five Expendables have been placed in houses on the field, these Expendables cannot be touched by the defending players. Helicopter drops are activated. Pay special attention to helicopter rules and look out for enemy helo drops!
Now Stonebanks’ forces had a chance to seize the day and needed a dominating performance. After rallying the forces and informing everyone of the objectives, Stonebanks unleashed his forces. Stonebanks’ troops fought hard and fast to find and eliminate the first two Expendables for 200 points but Ross and the remaining Expendables were dug in well and knew what to expect this round. Stonebanks was killed leading his team in a final push to locate and destroy the last two Expendables providing a fitting end to a despicable leader unable to bring glory to his troops.
Ross and the Expendables: 1100 points
Stonebanks: 700 points


Expendables: 3700
Stonebanks: 1300



January 2015 - Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1


The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part-1
Paintball Scenario Recap

Round 1 Story:
Katniss has once again survived the games, been rescued and wakens to find that a rebellion is in progress led by the new Rebel President Alma Coin. As a reluctant hero, Katniss and President Coin go out to District 8 to visit a hospital. As the visit concludes, a Capitol bombing squadron arrives and bombs the hospital. If the Capitol Forces can kill or kidnap Katniss, it could end the rebellion quickly.
Capitol Forces must kill or kidnap Katniss while the Rebels must attempt to prevent this from happening. Each team’s leader is worth 100 points if killed. Each team has a re-spawn at the 15 minute mark.

President Snow sent the Capitol Forces out in even distribution across the fifty as Coin and the Rebels set up defensively to protect Katniss from the coming attack. The battle ensued and the north side of the field was giving way to the Rebel Forces as the south side of the field was giving way to the Capitol Forces. At the 15-minute mark, the Rebel Forces were already at the Capitol base and the Capitol Forces were near the Rebel base. This made for an exciting re-spawn! Both forces sent their re-spawned soldiers to continue the push on each side. President Coin was killed near her base and President Snow was killed near the same area while leading a last ditch attempt to kidnap Katniss before time expired. Jordon, the MVP for the Capitol Forces, dropped his gun and grabbed Katniss and attempted to run back to re-spawn for the 200 points.
However, he was cut down by the Rebel Forces now camped at the Capitol Base. Katniss was killed during this intense conclusion to round one for 50 points for the Capitol Forces.
Capitol Forces: 150 points
Rebel Forces: 100 points

Round 2 Story:
After the Capitol attack on the hospital, the Rebels send a demolition team from District 5 to destroy the two dams providing the Capitol with electricity in an attempt to weaken their ability to broadcast their propaganda.
Rebel Forces must place explosives in each of the two dam sites. Field bomb rules apply and the Rebels will receive 200 points for each site destroyed, while the Capitol Forces will receive 100 points for each dam saved. Each team’s leader is worth 100 points if killed. Each team has a re-spawn at the 15 minute mark.
President Coin and the Rebels were on the offensive and able to fight their way to both of the bomb sites and eliminate President Snow before the 15 minute re-spawn mark. The Rebels were able to push both sides of the field all the way back to re-spawn. However, they lost their leader President Coin in the process and the Capitol forces had to come out fighting during the re-spawn but were mowed down right away forcing President Snow to hide in a bush for the remainder of the game hoping he was not found. Unfortunately, the frightened and quivering Snow was discovered and one shot to the wig ended the round.
Capitol Forces: 250 point
Rebel Forces: 700 points

Round 3 Story
The night following the attack on the Capitol dams, Katniss is watching Peeta being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman, the Games’ former presenter, when Peeta suddenly shouts a warning to the camera that the Capitol is about to attack District 13. President Coin quickly organizes the Rebel Forces to defend key sites in District 13.
Capitol Forces must place explosives in each of the two weapons depots. Field bomb rules apply and the Capitol Forces will receive 200 points for each site destroyed while the Rebel Forces will receieve 100 points for each weapons site saved. Each team’s leader is worth 100 points if killed. Each team has a re-spawn at the 15 minute mark.
President Snow and the Capitol Forces now have the task of planting explosives at each site. With a plan to send most of the Capitol troops along the heavily wooded side of the field, the Rebel Forces succumbed to the ferocity of firepower and the Capitol Forces were able to plant the first bomb and eliminate President Coin twice. The Capitol Forces were less than 30 seconds away from blowing up the last site as Jordon (MVP for the Capitol Forces) once again made a mad dash for the site with the explosives in hand just as time expired.
Capitol Forces: 650 points
Rebel Forces: 800 points

Round 4 Story:
As Peeta’s warning gave the District an additional eight minutes evacuation time, he will surely be killed or worse. President Coin dispatches all available forces to rescue him from his prison in the Capitol’s Tribute center. Orders are to rescue Peeta or provide a merciful end to his misery.
The Rebels must rescue or mercy kill Peeta while the Capitol Forces must attempt to prevent either of these things from happening. Each team’s leader is worth 100 points if killed. Each team has a re-spawn at the 15 minute mark.
The last round of the game was here and the mission was clear. If the Capitol Forces wanted to win they needed to keep Peeta from being killed or rescued and they also needed to kill Coin! The Rebel Forces were pumped for this one and ran out to defend positions around the field protecting the precious Peeta in the Alamo. The Rebel Forces pushed hard and Coin showed no fear or reservation leading her forces from the Grindhouse and giving the Capitol snipers every opportunity to take her out. The fighting was intense at the Alamo and was Close Quarters as forces were just feet away from each other. The defensive set up of the Capitol Forces prevented Peeta from being captured even though he was killed in the melee; but it was the elusiveness of President Coin in the last round that proved the deciding factor in the War.
Capitol Forces: 750 points
Rebel Forces: 850 points

Congratulations to the Rebel Forces for winning this Scenario!



December 2014 - Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare


This scenario was modeled after the video game and contains some major characters and episodes from the game. There were a total of four rounds during which two teams, one led by Jack Mitchell of the US Army and the other led by the “bad guy” Jeremy Irons of Atlas/KVA. Along with the individual missions that were presented each round, both teams were fighting it out for “Power ups”.

10 Power ups were laid out across the ’50 from tapeline to tapeline and these Power ups allowed the leaders of each team to purchase items or “perks” for their soldiers before the beginning of each round. Perks included Goliath suits, respawns, exoskeletons and missile strikes.

Round 1:
In Round One, Jack Mitchell and the rest of the US Army were tasked with kidnapping two “technologists” from two separate locations that were being guarded by Jeremy Irons and the army of ATLAS. The ATLAS army came out fast as the US Army set up defensive positions around the structures holding these valuable targets. Setting up defensively cost the ATLAS army dearly in Power ups as the US soldiers were able to collect 9 out of the 10 power ups on the field. After 30 minutes of trading paint back and forth, the US Army was unable to dislodge the ATLAS forces and never got close enough to get eyes on the technologists in there safe and warm little enclosures.

US ARMY: 0 Points ATLAS: 200 Points

Round 2:
In Round Two, with the technologists safe and their research and equipment now converted to explosive devices, the ATLAS Army’s mission is to blow up two separate nuclear facilities that are now being protected by the US Army. Should the US Army fail to protect either of these facilities, a nuclear meltdown greater than Chernobyl would be the result.

Discouraged at the lack of power ups that the ATLAS army were able to secure, they just had to wait to see what Jack Mitchell and the US forces would purchase. They bought 9 exoskeletons which allowed 9 of their players to release 15 seconds before game start. The US side which had only one power up, bought one exoskeleton and equipped their eventual MVP Grant with the suit and a mission; Hold all of those 9 exoskeletons and give us a chance at some power ups before they scoop them all up. The exoskeletons were released and ATLAS’ soldier Grant went in loaded for bear while many of the US forces with exoskeletons left their guns behind to be faster at grabbing power ups. Grant mowed most of them down and held off the remaining survivors until the rest of his ATLAS army filled in behind him. After 30 minutes of trading paint, the ATLAS Army was not able to get explosives in either of the two nuclear facilities and the US Army was able to collect 200 points by protecting both sites. ATLAS with the incredible performance of their MVP Grant was able to turn the tide in the power up battle; collecting 7 Power ups to the US forces 3 Power ups.

US ARMY: 200 Points ATLAS 200 Points

Round 3:
In Round Three, with their attempts at destroying nuclear facilities thwarted, the ATLAS forces have set their sights on kidnapping two high level US biological weapons experts. Purchasing a combination of exoskeletons and a missile strike, the ATLAS forces felt confident they could break the US defenses. The US Army spent their Power ups on 3 exoskeletons and sent those players on a mission; Get deep into enemy territory, create havoc and then fall back (if able) to slow the ATLAS advance. The US strategy worked. When the game started, the ATLAS forces soon took fire from both flanks from unknown locations forcing them to react and address the immediate threats. Jack Mitchell was able to move his forces into an advanced position and readied the airstrike. In that moment, Jack was bunkered by a lone US soldier who managed to infiltrate between ATLAS’ ranks and nullify the potential airstrike. ATLAS could not break through the remaining US forces in time to abduct the weapons experts. Atlas maintained the edge in the Power up battle gaining 6 to the US forces 4 Power ups.

US ARMY: 400 Points ATLAS 200 Points

Round 4:
In Round Four, the US Army has intelligence that the ATLAS Army has secured 2 ICBM missile sites and is prepared to launch these missiles at two major US cities. The US Army must destroy one or both of these sites. The US ARMY knew that this was the last round and without destroying a site they would end the scenario in a tie. What happens next is an epic battle plan and execution. The ATLAS forces divided their army between the two sites to provide adequate protection. They had received intelligence that the US Army would concentrate forces and attack one site along one side of the field and use their recently purchased missile strike to soften the opposition. The intelligence was correct and although the ATLAS Army sent several exoskeletons to secure that side of the field, the US Army ran fast and hard to set up a front line very near one of the ICBM sites. Then came the missile strike. The difference in speed between a real missile strike and the one in this scenario is about 697 miles per hour. As this missile traveled along the far tapeline at about 3 miles per hour, the ATLAS forces fled their positions in terror as the US forces rallied behind their missile and quickly filled in the vacancies left behind. Quickly reallocating his forces, Jeremy Irons ordered all available forces to reinforce the area but it was too late. The US had already destroyed the ICBM site.

Final Score:
US ARMY: 500 Points ATLAS 300 Points



November 2014 - Destiny


Mission One: Darkness Returns

The Guardian team was caught on a scouting mission away from The City, when they were attacked by the Shadow team. The Guardians had to battle their way back to their ‘ship’ and escape by capturing and raising a flag held by the Shadow team. At game on, the Shadow team darted forward, taking a large part of the field and then digging in. The Guardian team sent a large squad to the south side of the field, looking to take the dry wash, and give them a quick path behind the Shadow team’s lines. A very intense firefight erupted on the south side of the field with players from both teams walking back to the dead box. The Shadow team realized that their southern battle line was in danger of collapsing and began a slow grind up the middle and north side of the field. As the Shadow team slowly worked their way around the Guardians, the battle for the wash intensified. The Shadow team barely managed to close their line around the Guardians, eliminating them and earning the first points of the day.

Guardians: 0 Shadow: 1,000

Mission Two: The Last Array

The Guardians were attempting to search for lost colonies by using the last communications array on Earth, while the Shadow team simply wanted the array to search the colonies for technology to plunder. Both teams would have to find two codebooks that were hidden on the field. One codebook was somewhere in the Grinder in the middle of the field, while the other book was somewhere on the field, hidden in plain sight. Prior to mission start, both teams received a bonus mission from their respective Ghost: Locate a box on the field and return it to their starting flag base for bonus points. The Guardian team began by sending the majority of their team into the Grinder, a move mirrored by the Shadow team. A brisk and intense close quarter’s battle broke out in the Grinder as both teams searched for the codebook. At the same time, both teams spotted the bonus box in the south wash and another shootout began over the box. At almost the same moment, the Shadow team managed to extract the codebook from the Grinder, and the bonus box from the wash, and return them to their base. The Shadow team used their single reinsertion to drop troops behind the Guardians line, momentarily surprising them and eliminating a few Guardians, but was unable to do much more than temporarily annoy the Guardian team. The Guardians single reinsertion dropped a squad on the south side of the field, right on the Shadow team’s line. A few of the Guardians were quickly eliminated but enough remained to catch the Shadows in a pincer, eliminating several Shadow players and temporarily shoring up the Guardians lines.

The Guardians then spotted the second codebook…in the no-man’s land between the two teams. One Guardian player quickly set his marker and pod pack down and waited for the right time. The Guardians laid down suppressing fire and the unarmed player darted forward, retrieving the book and sprinting for the Guardians flag station. Two Shadow players spotted the running Guardian and took off after him. The Guardian dropped the codebook, but then realized that he had no marker to guard the book. One of the Shadow players literally walked up, picked up the book, then ran back to the Shadows base, earning them the mission points, plus the bonus points.

Guardians: 0 Shadow Team: 4,000

Mission 3: Chamber of Night

The Shadow team was using an old Earth colony complex on the Moon to study and hack into The Guardian, potentially learning how to destroy it and The City. The Guardians had to take an explosive to the complex and destroy the Shadow team. At game start, both teams sent the majority of their players to the north side of the field, leaving only scouts and skirmishers to handle the middle and south side of the field. The Shadow and Guardian teams ran into each other, both sides firing paint as fast as their markers could cycle. Both teams’ southern squads prodded each other’s lines, but couldn’t find an easy weakness to exploit and settled into brief but intense shootouts. The Guardians finally managed to extract themselves from the battle at the north end of the field, but their numbers had been winnowed down. The Guardians then swung to the south of the field and managed to push through the Shadows lines before the Shadow team could respond. While the Guardians didn’t have an easy path to the target, they had pushed closer from the south than they had from the north. The Shadow team shifted and began to pressure the Guardian team. As the Shadow team moved in, a Guardian player bolted for the target building. The Guardian player planted the bomb but was discovered to have been hit along the way. The referees conferred with themselves and the team captains as to what happened and when…the action was almost too fast. In a show of sportsmanship, both team captains agreed to split the mission points.

Guardians: 500 Shadow Team: 4,500

Mission 4: The Buried City

The Shadow team was fortifying their base on Mars and searching for an old earth colony hidden below the soil. If they could find it, then The Guardian, The City and humanity was doomed. The Guardians were searching for the city, hoping to stop the Shadow team and prevent humanities extinction. Both teams would have to capture 4 flags on the field to earn all the mission points. A tie would see the points split, and whoever had the most flags at the end of mission time would receive the mission points, should time run out. When the game started, the Shadow team sent their players to the south side of the field, while the Guardians sent their gunslingers to the north. Within seconds, both teams had captured two flags apiece. But there was more to be done on the field…another Ghost mission worth bonus points had been given before the game started. Somewhere on the field was another box worth more points. After capturing two flags each, both teams began moving into the practically-deserted middle of the field, testing each other for weaknesses. The Guardians were slowly pushed away from the deadbox flag station, at great cost to the Shadow team, but managed to hold the north flag station against several determined attacks. As game time began to wind down, the Shadow team captain broke cover and ran to the deadbox flag, eliminating or scattering the few Guardian defenders. As he pulled the flag, he quickly realized that his 5 ‘bodyguards’ had failed to move up with him…he was now alone and facing a very determined Guardian attempt to retake the flag. With less than a minute to spare, the Shadow team captain was eliminated. An orange-clad player (who would later won MVP for the Guardians) dashed forward, covering over 20 yards in less than 10 seconds…recapturing the dead box flag with 2 seconds left in the mission and the game itself. The recapturing of the flag, while not winning the mission for the Guardian team, soundly denied the victory for the Shadow team.

Final score: Guardians: 1,000 Shadow Team: 5,000

Guardian team captain: Chris Tilley
Shadow team captain: Ben Smith
Guardian MVP: Josh Smith
Shadow MVP: Topher Speth

Westworld would like to thank all the players, the team captains and the MVPs for an exciting game, one that was closer than the final points would tell.



October 2014 - Doom 3


Doom 3 Scenario recap

Mission One: Containment ‘Failure’
An experiment in Delta Labs of UAC’s Mars City complex has gone out of control and horrific monsters are pouring through the Gate and starting to overrun the complex. The Marines received orders to rally at their HQ, while the Invaders were trying to stop them. The Marines had to capture the flag station by the Field One Deadbox before time expired or before they were all eliminated. At game start, the Invaders pressed forward and set up a strong perimeter, while the Marines launched a very dedicated attack along the south side of the field. As the Invaders defense along the south wash intensified, the Marines shifted their attack and pressed the Invaders line though the Grinder. The Invaders line started to buckle, but they were able to repel the Marines. The Invaders launched a determined counter-attack and pushed the Marines away from the flag station. At the end of Mission One, the Invaders successfully held off the Marines, earning them the game points.
Invaders: 1,000 Marines: 0

Mission Two: Big Guns
The Marines had to raid several weapons lockers in the Mars City complex, represented by raising their flags at designated flag stations. Once the flags were raised, they could not be recaptured by the Invaders, as the lockers were now ’empty’. The Marines enjoyed initial success, capturing two flag stations quickly, but the final station became a drawn-out firefight. Reinsertions allowed players to drop troops in unexpected locations. Often one team would prepare an attack on their opponents, only to have a small force of enemy players ‘respawn’ right behind them, throwing their plans into chaos. Both teams made heroic efforts to capture or defend the final flag station, while holding off unexpected attacks from reinserting players. At mission end, though, the Marines had captured 3 flags, while the Invaders had held them off from the fourth.
Invaders: 1,250 Marines: 750

Mission Three: Comm. Center
After the ‘accident’ in Delta Labs, the computers of Mars City were programmed to send an automatic distress call to Earth. While this would bring reinforcements for the Marines, it also meant that the Invaders could capture the incoming dropships and use them to launch an attack on Earth. The Marines had to capture the Comm. Center to stop the broadcast from being sent. In doing so, they found themselves and the Invaders, trapped on Mars. At game start, both teams had to capture and hold a flag station at the north end of the field until the end of game time. Initially, the Marines charged toward the flag station, capturing it quickly, and then began a sweep of the field, seeking to disrupt the Invaders. Both teams reinserted players as fast as possible, as the Marines had only a shaky grasp on the Comm. Station. The Invaders made a determined attack on the Comm. Station and pushed the Marines away. The Marines made several determined efforts to retake the station, but were unable to dislodge the Invaders before time expired.
Invaders: 2,250 Marines: 750

Mission Four: Onslaught.
The Invaders were tasked with destroying the Marines, while the Marines were simply trying to survive the attack. At game start, both teams launched themselves at the other, and several furious firefights erupted across the field. No reinsertions meant that as players were eliminated, they were out of the game. The Invaders slowly managed to dominate the field, but still lost several players to Marine sharpshooters. A miscommunication resulted in the game being called early, but in a show of good sportsmanship, once the situation was explained, both captains agreed to split the mission points for the game.
Invaders 2,750. Marines: 1,250.

Mission Five: Hellgate.
The Marines were given two tasks for this mission: Take two ‘bombs’ and destroy the Delta Labs by placing one bomb in the houses north and south of the Deadbox Flag Station. Also, eliminate the mastermind of the demonic invasion, Dr. Malcolm Bertruger, head of UAC’s Delta Labs. The Invaders had to stop the Marines from destroying the Delta Labs houses, while at the same time eliminate the Marines CO. Both teams had objectives and their commanders now had ‘bounties’ on their heads. At game start, the Marines pushed forward, while the Invaders set up a defensive perimeter. Both commanders were wary of exposing themselves, knowing that winning this mission, plus the ‘bounty’, could seal victory for either side. The Marines pressed forward, initially meeting heavy resistance. A determined push on the south side forced the Invaders flank to crumble and fall back, allowing the Marines to get within striking distance of their objectives. The Invaders wheeled and tried to reinforce their weakened flank, while the Marines slowly gained ground. As the game clock ran down and the Marines inched closer, the Invaders commander became a bit nervous. The Invaders were finally able to solidify their defense and hold off the Marines for the final points. However, both teams were unable to eliminate the enemy commander, denying both sides the bonus points for the game.
Mission points and final scores: Invaders: 5,750. Marines: 1,250

Team Captains
Invaders: Keith Mellan
Marines: Jacob Metz

Invaders: Reed Stuart
Marines: Ryder Collins



September 2014 - 24 part 4


Thank you to Valken for the donated items for our giveaway!

In the previous scenarios, CTU learned that the terrorists attacking CTU were being supplied by the North Koreans, and that the North Koreans had given the terrorists a nuclear bomb to use on the CTU complex. Despite destroying the terrorist encampment, the nuclear weapon was already on the way to CTU.
Going into the final scenario, both teams were tied in overall points, making this final scenario game make-or-break for both teams.
The following takes place between 6 am, and 11 am.

Mission I: Interception
The Terrorist team started on the south end of the field, and had a nuclear bomb prop that had to be placed in the CTU building on the north side of the field. At game on, the CTU team spread out and dug in, but failed to grab much in the way of territory. The Terrorist team sent two of their best players north along the eastern boundary to try and distract and draw off the CTU defenders. The rest of the Terrorist team pushed hard along the western boundary and through the middle of the field. The Terrorist team gained quite a bit of ground before running into range of the CTU defenders. Despite the Terrorist team captain being tagged early in the game, the Terrorist team began a slow grind of the CTU defenders.
As the CTU players were eliminated, the Terrorist team began inching closer to their objective. A lone CTU defender initially lay in wait for enemy players to wander close enough, eventually opening fire on two Terrorist players. The surprise of taking fire from a hidden defender initially forced the Terrorists to stop and fall back, but only temporarily. The CTU defender fell back and took cover in a shallow wash on the north end of the field, near the CTU base, and continued to snipe at Terrorist players. A lucky shot eliminated the defender, allowing the Terrorist team to place the bomb in the CTU building, destroying it, and gaining the first mission points for the day. Terrorists: 1,000. CTU: 0

Mission II: Border Patrol.
Though the Terrorist team had gotten the initial points, CTU was far from out of the fight. With the Terrorists now out of the picture, the red team would take on the role of a North Korean strike team. CTU Intel had discovered the North Korean strike team just across the border, moving towards the US. The CTU team would have to defend a thinly-guarded stretch of border from the attacking North Korean team. The North Korean team had to plant a bomb in a target house, while CTU was tasked with defending the target.
When the game started, both teams spread out and pushed as far forward as possible. The North Korean team initially tried for a quick victory by pushing hard along the northern end of the field, but ran into a determined CTU defense and was stopped cold. The North Koreans fell back and regrouped, sending the bomb carrier along the southern end of the battle to try and flank and plant the bomb. Once again, the bomb carrier pushed close to the target building, but was stopped by the CTU defenders. As the bomb carrier tried to call for reinforcement, one of the defenders tagged him, forcing him to drop the bomb within range of the CTU defenders. Though the North Korean team tried to recapture the bomb, none of their team was able to get close enough to grab it and continue the mission. Time ran out with the bomb so close, but too far from the target house, earning the CTU team the mission points. North Korea/Terrorist team: 1,000. CTU: 1,000

Mission III: Invasion
The North Korean strike team was tasked with ‘invading’ the city of Phoenix. To do so, they would have to eliminate all of the CTU defenders. CTU had to defend Phoenix, by eliminating all of the North Korean attackers. Both teams had to eliminate ALL of the other players…if any opponents were left, neither team would score the mission points.
When the game started, both teams spread out, presenting a wide front. The battle on the southern end of the field became a game of cat and mouse between the two teams, with neither team able to gain a definitive upper hand, despite accurate shooting from both sides. The northern side of the field saw an intense firefight, paintball markers chattering as players launched volley after volley of paint at each other. The North Korean’s southern flank began to fold as time slowly wound down, but the CTU team could not get the correct angle or support to drive out and eliminate the opposing team. As game time ran out, and the game over horn sounded, surviving players from both teams slowly stepped out of their paint-coated bunkers. Neither team had won. North Korea/Terrorist team: 1,000. CTU: 1,000.

Mission IV: Saving the City.
The North Korean strike team had managed to smuggle a nuclear bomb into Phoenix, and hid it in one of the buildings. The CTU team would have 15 minutes to find the bomb, remove it from the ‘city’ and take it back to their starting position. The North Korean team started in the Grinder (representing Phoenix) with their nuclear bomb hidden somewhere in one of the buildings.
When the game started, the North Korean team left one of their team to guard the bomb, while the rest of the team exited the Grinder and took cover in the nearest bunker they could reach. The CTU team spread out, intending to attack the North Korean team from the north, east, and south, hoping to crack the North Korean defense before time ran out.
The CTU team pushed forward and applied pressure and paint, keeping the North Korean team from doing much more than snapping off a hasty shot before having to dive under cover. While the CTU team kept the North Korean team bottled up, it slowly dawned on them that, while they were keeping the North Koreans pinned down, they were unable to shift their own lines and apply pressure to one place to crack the North Korean defense. If the CTU team shifted to concentrate on one position or fell back to regroup, the North Korean team would break out, possibly eliminating the CTU team. CTU increased the pressure, hoping to collapse part of the North Korean line, but when time ran out, the North Korean teams, and the bomb, were still in the Grinder. North Korea/Terrorist team: 3,000. CTU: 1,000.

Series point totals: North Korea/Terrorist: 5,250 CTU: 3,250

North Korea/Terrorist team captain: James Stedelin
MVP: Preston Consentino
CTU team captain: Keith Mellan
MVP: Easton Muller



August 2014 - 24 part 3


The following takes place between 6AM and 11AM.

Mission I: Decoding
During the initial attack on CTU, the terrorists managed to steal a heavily encrypted datafile at the behest of their mysterious backers. For this mission, the Terrorist team had to capture CTU’s CyberDivision, where they could decypher the stolen data. CTU had to defend their flag station until the end of mission time to earn the points. At game on, both teams charged forward, grabbing cover and shooting at any available targets. Players would snap off a hasty shot, then duck a barrage of paintballs. Other players would dart from cover to cover, barely avoiding being tagged out. A CTU player broke cover and ran forward, trying to put additional pressure on the Terrorists’ lines, but was tagged out before he could get to his bunker. This opened a gap in the thin CTU line. The remaining CTU players tried to hold their positions, but were picked apart by the Terrorist team, which captured the flag and the first points of the day.
CTU = 0 vs. Terrorist = 500

Mission II: Data Stream
After cracking the classified CTU files, the Terrorist team had to capture a communications bunker to send the data to their paymasters. CTU decided that it was better to destroy the comm bunker than to let it fall into enemy hands. The CTU team was tasked with destroying the comm bunker before the Terrorists could transmit the data. At game start, the CTU players sent half their team along the north tape line, with the bomb, while the other half of the team swung to the south, hoping to flank or at least divide the Terrorist team. The CTU players pushed hard along the north tape, then bogged down as the Terrorist team stiffened their defense. At the south end of the field, the CTU and Terrorist players were engaged in quick, intense snap-shooting duels. The CTU team to the north continued to push towards their objective, just as their teammates to the south were tagged out. The Terrorist players swung around to the north, catching the remaining CTU players in a pincer. Despite a valiant stand, and one CTU players charge foward, the CTU players were eliminated, gaining the Terrorist team the points for the mission.
CTU = 0 vs. Terrorist = 1,000

Mission III: Eviction
CTU managed to sneak reinforcements into their base and were now poised to finally push the Terrorists from the SPLATTER RANCH facility. Both teams had to eliminate the other to gain points for the mission. CTU had to eliminate ALL the Terrorist players for the points, if even one survived at the end of the game, the Terrorists would recieve the mission points. When the game started, both teams went on the offensive, pushing each others lines as hard as they could. Players would dash into cover, narrowly avoiding a hail of paintballs, then quickly return fire. As the game progressed, both teams whittled down the oppositions numbers. The game came down to a duel between a CTU player and a Terrorist player. Both players snapping off shots, then ducking behind their bunkers. As mission time ran out, the CTU player tagged the Terrorist player, earning the CTU team their first points of the day.
CTU = 500 vs. Terrorist = 1,000

Mission IV:
CTU had finally located the Terrorists’ base, across the border in Mexico and organized a strike to eliminate the Terrorist threat once and for all. The CTU team would have to capture the Terrorists’ flag before time ran out to earn the mission points, while the Terrorists had to defend their flag. There were also two props on the field, both worth bonus points, hidden by the Terrorists in two buildings before the game started. Whoever had the props in their hand at the end of the game would receive the bonus points. The CTU team started at the north flag station, the Terrorist team at the deadbox flag station. At game start, both teams spread out and pushed forward. The Terrorist team put up a strong defense, but was slowly thinned down…as was the CTU offense. As with the previous mission, the game was slowly winnowed down to a single CTU player and Terrorist player. The CTU player ran into one of the Terrorists’ buildings, snatching up one of the two props. The other was held by the remaining Terrorist player…the flag between them, Terrorist team colors still raised. As time ran out, both players sought a way to push foward and eliminate the other, with several close shots being traded back and forth. When the “game over” horn sounded, the Terrorist flag was still raised and both teams had one of the props.
CTU = 750 vs. Terrorist = 1750.

After the game was over, and the final points tallied, both teams were allowed to examine the props. One was a message revealing that the Terrorists were backed by North Korea, and that their payment for the data stolen from CTU included one nuclear weapon. The other prop was a map revealing the Terrorists intent to use the bomb on the SPLATTER RANCH complex…and that the bomb was already en route to the CTU base.

Total points for the day: CTU = 750 vs. Terrorists = 1750
CTU Team Captain: Cody Miller
Terrorist Team Captain: Morgan Nelson
All-Around MVP: Parker Michelet



June 2014 - 24 part 1


Recently, CTU realized that its administration and training facility, code-named SPLATTER RANCH, was vulnerable. A single, well-placed strike would cripple CTU’s ability to defend the southwestern US from an enemy attack. Quickly and quietly, they began to shift their administration to a new facility. Unfortunately, they weren’t quick or quiet enough to avoid attention. An unknown organization noticed, and a new terrorist organization struck.

The following takes place between 6 am, and 11 am.

Mission 1: CTU was tasked with defending a portion of its perimeter, by defending a flag station. The terrorist squad attacked from two directions, hoping to divide and conquer the the CTU defenders. The CTU and terrorist players on the north side of the field rushed forward at game start, then began probing each others lines, looking for weakness. On the south side of the field, the terrorist team ducked into the dry wash, and was immediately pounced on by the CTU players. An intense firefight sprang up, then settled into a game of cat-and-mouse in the wash and among the trees and scrub. A hard strike on the north side of the field saw the terrorist line crumble, and the CTU squad moved to sweep and flank the terrorist players hiding in the wash. The CTU players repeatedly attacked the terrorist team that had dug into the wash, only to be repulsed over and over, losing a player each time. As time ran down, the CTU players pulled back, hoping to lure the terrorist players into the open. The remaining CTU players were pushed back closer to the flag by the two terrorist players and were starting to get very low on air and ammo…just as time ran out. CTU successfully held of the terrorist squad, earning the game points.

Mission 2: The terrorist team was tasked with the destruction of the CTU communications bunker, which would prevent CTU from calling in reinforcements. At game on, the CTU team dashed forward to set up a perimeter around the designated house. This meant charging forward, closer to the terrorist team, who rained paint in long-range, arcing shots from their starting position, while other members moved north to try and flank the CTU players. A pair of CTU players noted that none of the terrorist team moved to the south, and swung wide to the south, hoping to eliminate the terrorist players before the CTU team was overwhelmed. Meanwhile, the terrorist players that moved to the north poured a withering amount of fire into the dug-in CTU positions, eliminating some, but not all. The remaining CTU defenders held their ground, however, giving their two flankers time to roll up and eliminate the terrorist team, earning CTU the mission points.

Mission 3: The terrorists…paymasters…had special instructions for the terrorists: locate classified information on CTU operatives and operations; potentially threatening national security around the globe. The information was kept in a TOP SECRET file, and electronic safe. Both teams had to locate these items, and secure them at their starting bases. At game start, both teams darted forward, trying to eliminate their enemies while searching the buildings for the information. A terrorist player on the north side of the field dashed towards the CTU lines, ducking into a building and locating the electronic safe. The player bolted from the building and, luckily avoiding enemy fire, returned to the terrorist starting base, earning half the points for the game. The terrorist team pressed CTU hard, eliminating them, then scouring the field for the remaining TOP SECRET file. As time began to run out, the file was located and captured, earning the terrorist squad their first points of the day.

Mission 4: CTU went into the final game with a slim lead, and the terrorist team knew that this mission would make or break them. Both teams had to locate a CTU weapons locker that was hidden somewhere on the field. At the staring horn, both teams pressed forward, both looking to eliminate the other team, then search the field. While the teams alternately traded fire, and searched for the weapons locker, a single CTU and single terrorist player moved towards the south side of the field. The CTU player spotted the locker and terrorist player at the same time. After a brief shootout, the CTu player darted forward, grabbing the weapons locker and began sprinting back to the CTU base, hoping that he and the locker (a large, bright red, easily visible container) would be unnoticed by the terrorist team. The CTU player ran to his base, but ran out of breath. He quickly passed the locker to a teammate, telling him to run the locker to their base. As the terrorist squad noticed what was going on, and the all-important weapons locker, the second player sprinted to the CTU base, capturing the locker, and earning the final points of the game.

Final score: CTU: 1,500 Terrorists: 500

Team MVP for CTU: James Stedelin
Team MVP for Terrorists: Johnathan Mellan
Honorable mention for CTU: Jake Golden
Honorable mention for Terrorists: Cameron Smith.



May 2014 - Black Hawk Down


Mission One: “Irene”
The Rangers team had to secure 4 flag stations around the field before time expired, while the Militia needed to secure only one flag station to foil the Rangers team. The mission started with both teams scrambling to capture as many flag stations as possible. The Rangers initially took all 4 flag stations, then prepared to hold them until game time ran out. The Militia took advantate of reinsertions to spread the Rangers thin across the field, ultimately them recapture one of the flag stations away from the Rangers. As mission time ran out, an intense firefight erupted around the Milita-controlled flag station. At the last seconds, a Ranger player sprinted for the flag, but was tagged just before reaching it. Time ran out, and the Militia gained the first points of the game. Rangers: 0, Militia: 2,500.

Mission Two: Prisoners
The Rangers team had to return two ‘prisoners’ taken during the raid (represented by stuffed dummies) to their ‘Safe House’ at the far end of the field. The Militia dug in at game start, while the Rangers pushed the Militia line hard, seeking a weakness to exploit. The Rangers managed to get through the Militia’s line, and drop off one prisoner in the Safe House. The Militia’s line upped their defense, holding back the Rangers. Eventually, the Rangers finally managed to push through the Militia’s lines again, and drop off the second dummy, ending the mission and earning them points. Rangers: 6,000, Militia: 2,500.

Mission Three: Black Hawk Down.
Black Hawk Super Six-One had been shot down, and the Rangers and Militia were rushing to secure the crash site. Both teams would need to raise a specific flag on the field, and keep it raised for 3 minutes. At game start, both teams rushed to the flag station, with the Militia initially capturing it. The Militia held their ground as time ran down, but were pushed back, and the flag captured by the Rangers with less than 10 seconds to spare. The Rangers then held the flag for the full 3 minutes, capturing more points.
Rangers: 7,000, Militia: 2,500.

Mission Four: Super Six-Four.
A second Black Hawk was shot down over the city, and the Rangers would have to move to secure it, while holding the first wreck. The Militia tried to capitalize by taking both wrecks. Each team had a flag to defend, while trying to capture the others flag station. At game on, the Rangers left a few defenders at their flag station, and pushed to the Militia’s flag. While the Rangers managed to capture the Militia’s flag station, a small group of Militia players pulled a commando-style attack and captured the rangers flag. The Rangers returned to their flag station and, despite being initially repulsed by the Militia guarding it, recapture their flag to capture mission points for both missions.
Rangers: 12,000, Militia: 2,500

Mission Five: Mogadishu Mile.
The final mission of the day required the Rangers to move from one side of the field to the other, and capture a flag held by the Militia before time expired. The mission was worth enough points for the Militia to win if they could accomplish the mission objective. At game on, the Militia dug in around the flag and prepared for the Rangers attack. The Rangers pushed forward, trying to reach the flag before time ran out. The Milita’s left flank held, but then collapsed, with the Rangers pushing up to the flag station, where they were stopped. A stalemate developed: The Rangers surrounded the flag, but couldn’t pull it…enough Militia players were close enough to tag anyone trying to get the flag. After several minutes, a Ranger player called for covering fire, then charged forward, moving up on a Militia player and getting him to surrender. The Rangers then quickly grabbed the flag, and scored the points.
Rangers: 22,000: Militia: 2,500

Rangers team captain: Joey Miller
Rangers MVP: Vinnie Ruggiero
Militia team captain: Hunter Hicks
Militia MVP: Daniel Abrego



April 2014 - Titanfall Scenario Game



As the sun rose higher, you could see Titans walking around amongst the Humans, prepping for the gruelling battles out at Splatter Ranch. Spirits were high and you could hear the sounds of the Militia and IMC Commanders instructing their troops on the missions that lay ahead……

The first mission was a search and rescue. The Militia and IMC had received word that they each had a body down in enemy territory. They would have to work swiftly to go retrieve their men. The sun beat down hard as the troops left their bases leaving the Titams impatient and restless just waiting to join the battle. Titans were eventually released one by one and this strengthened the sides as it gave them the chance to heal up and return to battle if they were shot. Team Militia were not hanging around as their team located their man and brought him back to safety, taking out 2 Titans along the way.
The second mission was a Team Deathmatch. Militia and IMC fought hard to gain control of the field and even though both teams had the Titan reinforcements, there was no option to heal up more than one time! Each soldier had to make sure each move they made was safe to keep themselves alive! For a while, it was pretty much neck and neck as teams lost one for one on each side. The Militia decided not to stand for this and made a hard push, flanking the IMC and taking control of the field! IMC retreated and vowed that battle may have been won but they will be back stronger!

The stakes were high as the third mission had the IMC capturing the Commander from the Militia. This time the IMC were not going to let the Militia run the field! They put up a strong defense and held off the Militias tactics to infiltrate the base where the Commander was kept. Their defensive techniques worked well and they were able to retain the Commander in their possession!!

For the final mission, each team had to fight for the flag stations as rumor foresaw huge communication advantages if the stations were held. The battle was intense as each team pushed back and forth against each other…. it almost looked as if we were going to have a tie on our hands until the IMC made one huge push and sent the Militia packing as they took over all 4 stations!!

At the end of the day, many were wounded and the battles were intense but it was the IMC that took the overall win with 18500 points. The Militia were not far behind with 11500 points. Everyone did a tremdous job and you were all awesome! We hope to see you at the next Scenario which is Black Hawk Down!!



March 2014 - Tears of the Sun

Navy Seal Lieutenant Waters and his elite squadron of tactical specialists are forced to choose between their duty and humanity. Join Lieutenant Waters as he fights again the rebels of Nigeria at Splatter Ranch as we put our own twist on this Epic Movie.

Mission One:
“Find the Doctor” Your SEAL team has been selected to locate Dr. Kendricks and as a secondary objective locate the Priest and 2 nuns at St. Michael’s Mission.
Primary Objective (7,000 points): Find Dr. Kendricks who will be located in a building “A” on the opposite side of the field
Secondary Objective (3,000 points): Find the Priest and 2 nuns who will be located in a building “B” on the opposite side of the field

Mission one began with over 20 Nigerian rebels converging on the SEALS insertion point from all over the field. The SEALS were able to gain a foothold up to the ’50 and the rebels were able to hold them there. The SEALS neglected to take full advantage of their helo drops to bring back fallen soldiers and were unable to break through the Rebel line to rescue the Doctor, Priest or Nuns. The Rebels earned 10,000 points for keeping the Dr and Clergy from the SEALS. Lt. Waters was killed twice for 2,000 additional points for the Rebels. The Rebel commander was killed during the battle giving the SEAL team 3,000 points.
Nigerian Rebels 12,000 SEALS 3,000

Mission Two:
“Escort the refugees” The team and their refugees are being chased by the Nigerian rebel army.
Primary Objective (1,000 points per refugee escorted or 500 points per refugee surviving): Escort the refugees to the safe zone

In Mission Two the Seals gained 10 refugees, each armed with rental markers and a lot of attitude. The rebel army was continuing to grow and began to exceed the 3:1 ratio the SEALS had been challenged with before. The SEALS and the Rebels started at the opposite ends of the field and the SEALS were tasked with getting the refugees to safety which was the Rebels start zone. The SEALS were able to push out fast and hard down the perimeter of the field setting the refugees up in defensive positions while the SEALS tried to break through the Rebel defenses at a concentrated point. What may have normally been a disorganized and chaotic group of rebels were held together firmly by the melodic screams of Sexy Dan the Rebel commander. The SEALS even after making full use of their helo drops where held to a stalemate by the rebel army and unable to escort any refugees to safety. The Rebels managed to take out 3 refugees for a total of 3,000 points. The SEALS were able to keep 7 refugees alive for a total of 3,500 points.
Nigerian Rebels 15,000 SEALS 6,500
Mission Three:
“Make a stand” The refugees must rest and the SEALS must make a stand. The Rebels seem to be tracking the SEALS, is there a spy among the refugees?
Primary Objective (5,000 points if the Dr. survives): Protect Dr. Kendricks and stay alive. (one refugee will be clearly identified as Dr. Kendricks)
Secondary Objective (5,000 points if completed): Protect the president’s son. (one refugee will be identified as the president’s son via photo and will only be known to the Rebel commander and team.)

In Mission Three the SEALS were able to setup defensively anywhere on the field to await the onslaught of Rebel forces. The SEALS had no helo drops and the Rebels were able to respawn at the 10-minute mark. The Rebel force was now growing to epic proportions and whispers of doubt could be heard among the refugees who were surely wondering if the SEALS could even protect themselves from the growing mob. The SEALS set the defensive line and each SEAL member placed their grenade at the ready. The horn sounded and the rebels were relentless and swarming picking off SEALS and refugees with reckless abandon. The entire SEAL team and all of the hostages were wiped out before the 10-minute mark. The brave Doctor was one of the last to go and made a valiant last stand. The Rebels completed both objectives for 10,000 points.
Nigerian Rebels 25,000 SEALS 6,500

Mission Four: “Run for Camaroon” The rest of the SEALs and surviving refugees must make a run for the border. The Navy Seals have two F-18s on standby to provide an airstrike on the Rebel Army.
Primary Objective (1,000 per refugee rescued or 500 per refugee surviving): Escort the refugees to the Camaroon border at location B

In Mission Four the SEALS were once again tasked with escorting the refugees, this time to the Camaroon border and safety. The SEALS enlisted some local guns and though the odds were still stacked against them they had a little more firepower. The rebel army was split in half for this mission with half of the team starting at the Camaroon border and the other half starting at the SEAL’s insertion point 10 minutes into the game. This was exciting! The SEALS were able to push hard and fast to the edges of the Camaroon border and enlisted Mike (the SEAL team MVP) to turn a squad around at 10 minutes to protect the rear flank. The rear guard did their job and held off the Rebel swarm and with less than five minutes to go something really weird happened. All of the refugees started running down the middle of the field for the border just like a panicked heard of cattle; unfortunately they were all mowed down by a few well-placed enemy positions. The rest of the SEALS ran out of cover to try to protect the refugees and also took heavy losses. The rebels were just able to hold on to the border before the time expired. Rebels eliminated 6 refugees and 4 remained unscathed resulting in 6,000 points for the rebels and 2,000 for the SEALS. The SEAL team was also able to eliminate the Nigerian commander for an additional 3,000 points.
Nigerian Rebels 31,000 SEALS 11,500

Mission Five:
“Go back for the dead” The SEALS left some men behind. Now is the battle to reclaim their bodies. The marines are here to help and this will be an all-out battle.
Primary Objective (pull the North and South flag for 5,000 points apiece): Retrieve the SEALS bodies by having your color flag up at the end of game time.

In Mission Five the teams were divided right down the middle with each team having an equal number of players and the game on the line. Each team was able to re spawn fallen players at the 10 minute mark. The game began with a roar as the SEALS busted out and moved to contact on the Rebels side of the ’50. Owning the grind house the SEALS eliminated the entire rebel army before the re spawn mark. The SEALS proceeded to set up in positions giving the rebels just enough room to re spawn and then proceeded to mow them all down. The SEALS were able to secure both flags and eliminate the Rebel commander twice resulting in a total of 16,000 points.
Nigerian Rebels 31,000 SEALS 27,500

February 2014 - Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad was a major battle of World War II in which Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad in the Southwestern Soviet Union. This battle finally came to its conclusion February 2nd 1943.

The 1st Mission involved the Germans and Russians fighting for supplies located in the middle of the field. All the supplies were worth 2000 points; however, there was a medical box that also would gain one of the teams an extra re-spawn for Mission 4. The horn sounded and both teams’ guns fired non stop for the entire 30 minutes. The fighting in the middle of the field was intense as they battled for supply items. The Russian team took a play from the actual battle and had a player run into the Grind House without his weapon. He managed to retrieve the medical supplies and make it back without getting shot. When the dust settled, it was the Russian team who came out ahead with 3 supply items including the medical box, while the Germans gathered one of the supply items. However the last supply item sat in a house that was in the middle of the fiercest fighting but was overlooked in the heat of the battle.
Results after 1 Mission: Russians 6000 Germans 2000

The 2nd Mission required the Russians to start short-handed while trying to attack an ammo dump which held the fire power for the rest of their comrades who would start with just a hopper of ammo. The Germans on the other hand had to keep this ammo dump out of the Russian hands by destroying it with a charge. As the game began, there was a flurry of players from both sides running towards the ammo dump to try and control it for their team. The Germans took a play from the Russians in the last mission and sent a lone player- with no weapon – to the ammo dump. With a diving effort, the player managed to place the bomb on the ammo dump and the Russian resistance could not stop it before the charge went off. The second wave of Russian fighters who started with only a hopper were released into the battle and their survival for the whole game netted the Russians an extra 2500 points, while the German team came out ahead with 5000 points for destroying the ammo dump.
Results after 2 Missions: Russians 8500 Germans: 5000

The 3rd Mission had one-half of the Russian team holding the Grind House from the entire German team for four minutes until their reinforcements crossed the river Volga. As the game began, there was a huge group of Germans who moved to the north of the Grind House, while a smaller contingency went straight in from the west splitting the Russian defenses. However, the Germans stopped short and the Russians managed to hold them at bay long enough for the reinforcements to cross the river and get into the battle. Although the Germans fought their way within meters of the Grind House, they were unable to reach the center and over take the flag. The Russians left the battle with an additional 10,000 points.
Results after 3 Missions: Russians 18500 Germans: 5000

The last battle pitted the Germans and Russians into an elimination match. This would decide who controls the field once and for all. The 4 flags on the field were up for grabs and each captain eliminated would be worth and additional 5000 points. The Russians had an additional re spawn gained from the first mission which would change the battle. The Germans pounded hard and managed to take two flags earlier in the battle, while the Russians pushed and got their second flag a short time after. As the war raged on, the Russians were eliminated waiting for their third re-spawn. The Germans managed to gain a third flag. It looked as if the Germans were going to overpower the Russians and take the last flag, but as they neared, the Russians extra re-spawn kicked in and sparked the fight a new. The Germans battled hard and with 30 seconds left managed to push through and capture what seemed to be the last flag. However, the Russian commander had been lying in wait at a flag that had already been captured. As the forces passed, he made his move in the last 10 seconds by changing one of the flags and robbing the Germans of 2500 points. The last mission ended with the Germans claiming 7500 points and the Russians claiming 2500 points
End Result: Russians 21000 Germans: 7500

January 2014 - Battlefield 4

battlefield4 Sgt. Daniel Recker is a member of a U.S. special operations squad call-signed Tombstone. Tombstone was tasked with retrieving vital Information in Baku, Azerbaijan. Pursued by Russian Special Forces, the squad engaged in numerous firefights as they proceeded toward the extraction point at the top of the skyscraper under construction.

Game One
The First game required the Tombstone Squad to bring a piece of Intel across the field and plant inside one of the Chinese bunkers. The game started and the battle raged in the middle of the field and soon the grind house had become the epicenter of the game. Tombstone Squad had made a heavy push through the center and it looked like they had the upper hand. However! The influx of Russian reinforcements from the respawn managed to beat the Tombstone Squad back to the grindhouse.
As time ran out, the Intel carrier had made a sneaky move all the way around the field but got stalled on the west side. The Russians managed to keep the Intel out of their bunker and scored 10,000 points to start the day.

Game Two
Tombstone Squad was required to free two prisoners while keeping two Chinese and Russian refugees alive in their own camps. The Russians were able to keep the game at a stalemate in the center court and prevented Tombstone Squad from being able to free their prisoners. However, Tombstone Squad was able to hide and protect their refugees earning them 3000 points. The Russians did score 5000 points for keeping their prisoners secure the entire game.

Game Three
The third game started with 3 Tombstone members behind enemy lines with reinforcements on the opposite side of the field. The east and west flags were also in play for points. The horn sounded and the Russian Squad sent a large force to hunt down the Tombstone members that were hiding behind enemy lines. They succeeded in eliminating all 3 members. However, the amount of time they spent on those three had allowed the Tombstone Squad to march down the field. By the time they had realized what had happened, Tombstone Squad had almost overrun them. As the battle was ending Tombstone Squad successfully eliminated the Russian soldiers. Tombstone Squad had not only captured both flags, but also eliminated the Commander gaining 6000 points. The elimination of 3 Infilitrators on Tombstone also gave the Russians 6000 points.

Game Four
Game four required the Tombstone Squad to blow up five different locations with five different bombs. Each location was worth 2000 points and a 5000 point bonus if all five locations were destroyed. Although Tombstone Squad was behind, this match would allow them to catch up, but only if they could complete the mission. Tombstone started strong and made several pushes towards the locations they needed to destroy. The fighting however, was fierce and each time they got close the Russians drove them back. There were several valiant attempts to try to run the bombs inside but to no avail. The battle went down to the final horn and the Russians were victorious and managed to keep all five of their locations alive. This destroyed any hope for Tombstone Squad to make a come back. After the final horn the entire 15,000 points were awarded to the Russians.

It was a tough battle on both sides but the Russians managed to keep their targets intact and successfully overpower the Tombstone Squad.

December 2013 - Hunger Games


Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a “Victor’s Tour” of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) – a competition that could change Panem forever.

Mission 1 pitted the teams against each other in a search to find enough ammo to fight the rest of the match. The grind house was transformed into a Cornucopia, as pledges from each district scrambled to find ammo supplies to keep their team in the fight. District 623 led with 4 pods giving them 1000 points right off the bat, followed by District 602 and District 928 with 750 points each. District 480 struggled to find any pods at all. At the end of the match, it looked like 623 would lead as their pledge survived, scoring another 5000 points. However, 602 snuck in from behind and kept their pledge alive along with most of their team.They earned 5000 for a pledge bonus as well as the 2500 points for having most players alive at the end of the match.

The 2nd Mission was based on the teams fighting to the middle of the field to retrieve water for their teams. With 5000 points going to each team that could successfully retrieve the buckets from the grind house and an additional 2000 for the first team to bring a bucket back to their own flag. As the horn sounded, District 602 charged into the grind house and retrieved their bucket before most teams had even covered half the ground. Unbelievably, the 602 team had their bucket nearly back to their base as the battle for the middle began. When the dust settled it was 602 tacking on another 7000 points and 623 and 480 each received 5000 points, while 928 struggled and could not reach the center before the horn sounded.

The 3rd Mission the teams had decided they had enough of the 602 and decided to form an alliance to stop them from stretching their lead any further. Points for this mission were 5000 for the first team that could connect the center tree to their side’s barrel via cable to send electricity to the beach, as well as a 3000 point bonus to the team with the most surviving players. When the horn sounded, there was a rush as 480, 928 and 623 all turned their guns towards District 602’s side of the field. District 602 still made it to the grind house first. As it turned out, they had a volunteer run with no weapon for extra speed to make the connection from tree to barrel. His quickness and some great cover from his District, allowed 602 to score the first 5000 points as the unarmed volunteer made the connection. The battle raged on as 3 districts united to try and destroy the 602 from gaining any more of a lead. The horn sounded and it looked as if 623 had gained the 3000 points for most survivors until a small group of 602 players, who had been holed up in a corner of the field battling to survive, emerged and managed to push the points in 602’s favor by a mere 2 players.

Mission 4 had the potential to turn the tables as each team had the ability to earn up to 30.000 points, which if District 602 was held off could throw any team into the winners circle. The horn blew and it was a battle to the center as each team knew they needed the points available by individual players shooting a target mounted 25 feet above them. The target required the players to be almost directly under it so that meant it was fast and furious in the grind house for the final mission. Within 5 minutes, 623 had taken control of the grind house and gotten their 3 players to hit the mark scoring them 30,000 points and the lead. 623 locked down all but one alley to the target, which was all that 602 needed to sneak in and steal the game. One 602 player hit the mark and then nothing for quite some time. 623 still leading kept control until one lone 602 player wandered in, almost looking lost until he stumbled right into the center. Trying to shoot the bucket, his marker jammed and 623 didn’t hear the sounds of misfire. 602 tried multiple times to get his gun to work and soon he was successful as he finally got a shot off. Later another 602 player finally made their way through and collected the final points. 480 also crept in with one shot on target for 10,000 and 928 just couldn’t get through the tough defenses. 623 truly looked to have the game won until that one unsuspecting player wandered in, just reminding us all that with the right determination anyone can change the direction of the game with a single shot.

November 2013 - Call of Duty: Ghosts

As the bitter cold weather sank in, the near frozen fields of “No Man’s Land” became hard and unforgiving. What would become the final resting place for many warriors was as desolate and barren as the hearts of the Federation Forces. The Ghosts, already outnumbered and under supplied, had many obstacles in their way. However, there was no turning back. If they were going to overcome the Federation Forces, it was going to be here… and it was going to be NOW!!!

Mission 1: Reach ammo dump and obtain “package”
Red Cell, an elite unit within the Ghost Forces was tasked with tracking down the coordinates for the ammo dump. Their mission was lethal and their chance of success was almost non-existent. Using modern G.P.S. technology they were able to find all three of their waypoints and determine the true coordinates of the all important ammo dump.
Once they were able to engage the Federation Forces alongside their fellow Ghosts, they were shell shocked by how few remaining allies they had left. The Federation had trained well for this moment and it showed. Their strategy… Win at all costs! With constant helicopter drops and reinforcements arriving every minute, the Ghosts were still unable to make their way to the coordinates.
The Federation was victorious this time and the Ghosts had to retreat while they still could.

Ghosts = 3000 Points Federation = 10000 Points

Mission 2: Upload virus to server
Once again, the Ghosts were on the offensive. They were able to break into the secure Federation computer, located inside a downtown skyscraper and began upload of the virus that could destroy the satellite that nearly wiped out the entire country. With virus in hand and access to the mainframe, all the Ghosts had to do was defeat the encryption and send the virus on its way.
However, the Federations encryption was something that the Ghosts specialist had never seen before. It was the perfect system that could take an eternity to defeat. The Ghosts staged a defensive perimeter to protect the specialist and give her as much time as they could. Cornered in the high rise with no option for escape, the Ghosts fought long and hard. Ultimately, the Federation warriors were able to overcome the Ghosts and repel any additional helicopter reinforcements.

Ghosts = 3000 Points Federation = 20000 Points

Mission 3: Capture Elias
With the end so near, Rourke, the leader of the Federation could smell victory! One last thing stood between him and total world domination. That one thing was Elias, commander of the renegade Ghost forces. If he could put an end to Elias the world would finally be his and that is exactly what he was going to do.
The remaining forces of the Ghost army were tired, defeated and in disarray. This was Rourke’s opportunity to retire the Ghosts forever. So he ordered the Federation army to attack with all its might. Their objective; retrieve Elias and ensure his demise was as painful as possible.
The Ghosts however are a resilient group of fighters. Every one of them was prepared to lay down their own life for Elias. They knew as long as he was alive he would continue the fight to restore freedom in their homeland.
As the final battle began there was never any doubt that Elias would remain the leader of the Ghost army. Though the Federation fought hard and used every dirty trick in the book, it was the Ghosts who prevailed. They were able to cripple Rourke and his Federation leaving the final chapter in this saga unwritten!

Ghosts = 13000 Points Federation = 20,000 Points

October 2013 - Westworld War Z

MISSION ONE – The Human’s objective was to escape from the city to one of three Safe Zones while hordes of Zombies tried to defend these same areas. Fortunately, the Zombies were overwhelmed at one of these three Zones and the Humans dominated this mission with a perfect score of 2700 points, leaving the Zombies empty handed.

MISSION TWO – As the Zombies attacked the walls of the city, they infected every Human they came into contact with. As the Humans tried to keep the Zombies out of their city, the newly infected fought along with the Zombies already infected to completely wipe out the rest of the Humans. The Zombie incursion was just too great. The Zombies won this battle with a perfect score of 3100 points, leaving the Humans empty handed this time.

MISSION THREE – Both sides started out with an even number of Zombies and Humans. As time progressed, it was clear that the Humans would be in for a long fight to get past two “super” Zombies, on their way to the infectious diseases room. After much gun fire, the Humans were finally able to proceed to one position for 100 points. They got another 1000 points for the those Humans that survived. The Zombies, however, held the other 3 positions for 3700 points. With the score 6800 to 3800, the Humans needed a miracle to pull off a win.

MISSION FOUR – With the Humans down in points, it looked like it was over. But, on the fourth and final objective, the Humans rallied together and pulled out a win. The Zombie team captain was taken out at the start. With the Zombies is disarray, the Humans pulled through for the upset. Unfortunately, the win was not enough to overcome the Zombies total score.

Final score = Zombies 8300 points Humans 6300 points.

September 2013 - Satellite Down Part 4

The drone strike was a success! The Russian military convoy was destroyed. Initial intelligence indicates that the satellite remains intact. Time to send in the search and recovery Team… send in Seal Team 6!

Mission 1: (0700 Hours) – Satellite Recovery
Seal Team 6 received an incomplete transmission indicating the satellite was in their vicinity. In the valley of this huge mountain range, the only way to recover the signal would be to reach higher ground. Once there, they established the uplink to base and received the coordinates of the downed vessel.

This is the situation that the Seals hoped they would never find themselves in. There was only one way through the valley and it was straight through the center of pockets of Spetsnaz resistance. The Seals could only assume that the enemy knew their plans and they were right!
Both sides clashed on the rugged mountain terrain and the Seals slowly and methodically worked their way through the encamped Spetsnaz army. Unfortunately, time was the Seals biggest enemy. They had to make their extraction point before time expired. However, they were unable to reach the evacuation helicopter in time.

Seals: 3000 Points Spetznaz: 3000 Points

Mission 2: (0800 Hours) – Disassemble Satellite & Recover Encryption
Seal Team 6 missed their ride home from the mountain and now they have to improvise. They need to disassemble the satellite in hostile territory while defending their position from the Spetsnaz onslaught.
They tasked their E.O.D. technician with the disassembly procedures. With tools in hand and communications with headquarters, he made his way through the satellites exterior to find the encryption device. Once the encryption device was removed, it was up to the code breakers to decipher the pin number that would unlock the unit. Fortunately for the Seal Team, they were able to crack the code and make their way to the second extraction point to get off the mountain.

Seals: 6000 Points Spetsnaz: 0 Points

Mission 3: (0900 Hours) – Destroy Missile Silo
It had become obvious why the Russians were so intent on keeping the satellites data from the Americans. The Chinese were using it to spy on a Top-Secret Russian stealth missile silo. The stealth missile project was code named “Vapor” due to its payload of chemical/biological weapons.
The Seals had to infiltrate the missile range and locate the silo where the stealth missile was being fueled. To add to the danger, the rockets were in the final stages of launch and were pointed at the United States. The Seals must destroy these silos before it’s too late.
The Seal Team was met by fierce fire fights and explosions. They fought their way through numerous structures, trying to find the silo with the vapor rocket. Silo by silo, they came closer to pinpointing the target and destroying it. Once again though, time was their biggest enemy. There were two unsearched silos and one rocket. The explosives technician armed his weapon and fired! BOOM!!!
Unfortunately, for the Seals, the vapor rocket shot out of the remaining silo and the Spetsnaz were victorious.

Seals: 0 Points Spetsnaz: 6000 Points

Event #4 Points total:
Seals: 9000 Points Spetznaz: 9000 Points

Satellite Down Series Totals:
Seals: 29000 Points Spetznaz: 33000 Points

Congratulations to all the Spetsnaz forces which fought bravely all summer long on your well deserved victory!

August 2013 - Satellite Down Part 3

Mission 1:
Both teams raced to secure their precious prizes and get them safely back to their respective bases. Each team was aggressive and sent out squads to locate the opponent’s prizes while keeping some of their best men at their base to protect their own investments. The Seals were stronger and slowly pushed the Spetsnaz back. The Spetsnaz withdrew from the battle field giving the Seals their first win of the day.

Mission 2:
The Seals had the Scientist and the Data that they retrieved from the Spetsnaz and were able to learn of a biochemical agent that could turn the tide in the war. Immediately, the Seals sent out a squad to retrieve 2 targets that were of high interest for further analysis. The Spetsnaz also learned of the biochemical agent. Both sides fought long and hard acquire the targets. Slowly, the Spetsnaz lost all their men as the Seals were too strong. The Seals became victorious as they left with the targets they were sent to retrieve.

Mission 3:
Even though things looked grim for the Spetsnaz, this was not to be for long. Some of their team uncovered a large surplus of money. The Seals got wind of the surplus they had found and made attempts to steal it from the Spetsnaz! The Russians were fierce protectors and were able to prevent any of the Seals infiltrating and stealing their money.

Mission 4:
As the end of the day approached, the teams were weak and they had lost many men throughout the day. The Seals objective was to destroy some objects that were discovered by the Satellites. They formed their most elite squad and armed them with C4 explosives and waited patiently by their radios for the sounds of destruction.

The Russians had put up a good defense, but it was not quite strong enough to hold against the Seals most Elite Squad. As the Seals placed the explosives, you could hear nothing but static over the radios. KABOOM!!! The sound of explosives going off could be heard all across the Valley. The Seals were Victorius!

At the end of the day, even though it appeared that the Seals dominated, the Spetsnaz actually managed to pull themselves ahead of the Seals.

Seals – 20,000 pts
Spetsnaz – 24,000 pts

July 2013- Satellite Down Part 2

Crickets were the only sound that emanated from the vast sands of this barren wasteland as the Spetsnaz sent their point man ahead to scout for enemies. The Spetsnaz were determined to get the computer to their base camp so that the data could be downloaded. What they did not anticipate was an unforeseen encounter with the SEALS.



Mission #1

As Spetsnaz made headway moving towards their base camp, they noticed the SEAL Team moving to their North West. Spetsnaz could have easily avoided them but the Team Captain made the call to engage the enemy. They quickly flanked the SEALS and got into a defensive position. On the Team Captains signal, Spetsnaz opened fire on the SEALS, wiping them out in this mission.

Mission #2

Both teams were on the hunt for the data decoder and each was determined to locate and retrieve it. While the Spetsnaz were combing the outskirts of the area, the SEALS were looking for payback. They hunted for the Spetsnaz for approximately 20 minutes but were discovered by the Spetsnaz first. Once again, a firefight ensued and the Spetsnaz overpowered the SEALS.

Mission #3

The SEALS knew that this mission would be a major factor in determining whether or not they would win the war. The Team Captain made the call for the entire team to lay low and hold their position. It took quite some time, but due to the SEAL’s patience, they spotted movement which turned out to be Spetsnaz. As eager as the SEALS were to lash out against the Spetsnaz, they held fast in their position and waited for the Spetsnaz to get closer. Once the Spetsnaz were in the kill zone, the SEALS struck out like a deadly viper and dominated them with massive firepower. SEALS won this mission hands down.

Mission #4

Both teams were on a feverish hunt to locate the scientist who would enable them to use the decoder. The Spetsnaz were already in possession of the hard drive. Knowing this, they were very determined to locate and secure the scientist and gain the upper hand. The SEALS weren’t about to let that happen though.

Within several minutes, the SEALS spotted the scientist in a run down building. They quickly advanced on his position and secured him. As soon as the SEALS began making their way back to their base camp, they spotted the Spetsnaz. The Spetsnaz had no clue that the SEALS were behind them. The SEALS moved into flanking position.

As one team member was required to guard the scientist, the SEALS were short one man for this battle. Knowing that they held the element of surprise, this did not detour them. The SEALS opened fire on the Spetsnaz quickly taking half the team out. The other half of the team took cover, but it was too late. Three of the SEALS had anticipated this movement and had already began secondary flanking maneuvers. Within 2 minutes, the SEALS had completely wiped out the Spetsnaz team and were free to head to their base camp with the scientist.

Ending Scores

Navy SEALS  10,600 Points
Spetsnaz 6,400 Points

June 2013 - Satellite Down Part 1

The morning sun was just beginning to peak above the horizon. The dawn hours were giving way to orange plumes of light that seemed to cast strangely elongated shadows across the desert sand. The Sonoran Desert looked eerily calm, as if it were holding onto a secret that it did not want revealed. Wildlife was scarce but Seal Team 6 was aware of the venomous dangers that awaited them in this hostile and barren wasteland.

Each member of Seal Team 6 was stoic as sweat glistened on their skin under the relentless heat of the sun. Regardless of the hidden dangers in the desert, Seal Team 6 knew that greater perils awaited them as they began their trek into the Desert, searching for the satellite.

Elsewhere, something more deadly than scorpions and rattlesnakes was on the prowl. Spetsnaz. With the sun at their backs, Spetsnaz crept through the sand in an ominous formation. Usingnothing more than simple hand signals, the Spetsnaz were making incredible time advancing upon the Grindhouse. Knowing that the sun’s rays were in the face of their enemies, Spetsnaz made less effort to hide their movements.

Anticipation filled each member of both sides. Suddenly, the team captain of Seal Team 6 spotted something. It was a fleeting moment but none the less, he saw movement near the Eastern area of the Grindhouse. The team captain quickly thrust his fist into the air, gesturing for the rest of the Seal Team to halt. He scanned the area where he spotted the movement, unsure of what he was looking for. After 30 tense seconds, he spotted the sillouette of a man moving slowly from one building to the next. That person was unaware that anyone had spotted them. Seal Team 6 began a methodical series of advancements up the field and towards the Grindhouse.

Mission #1

As Seal Team 6 drew near, little did they know, Spetsnaz had already occupied the area. Both teams feverishly hunted for the satellite while exchanging gun fire. The melee lasted several minutes as both teams were engaged in close quarter combat. Spetsnaz got the upper hand and took out 2 of the Navy Seals while simultaneously locating the satellite. They quickly deployed their field engineer who dismantled the device and extracted the hard drive.

Mission #2

The Seal Team wasn’t going to take this lying down. They regrouped and surrounded the Spetsnaz base where they dug in and began vollying the enemy. The Seals were relentless in their hails of fire upon Spetsnaz, taking them out one at a time. After a quick battle, the last man standing on Spetsnaz team surrendered without incident.

Mission #3

Both Spetsnaz and the Seals were in a race to retrieve a much needed part that would allow them to translate the data from the hard drive. As the Seals rushed the Spetsnaz, the Spetsnaz were ready for pay back! Spetsnaz had a tactical advantage and knowing this, they made quick work of the Navy Seals. Seals lost this mission in under 5 minutes.

No one really knows what the future holds for either team. Right now, the Seals are up 2400 points to Spetsnaz 1600. Both teams will enter into tactical warfare over the next 3 months in order to determine who comes out the Victor. Seal Team 6 and Spetsnaz need you.

Remember, Splatter Ranch offers misters, shaded reception areas, jugs of ice water and we’ll even hose you down. Don’t let the temps keep you inside. Join the Seals or the Spetsnaz and aid them in their quest for domination.

Don’t forget, the Satellite Down Scenario continues this month at Splatter Ranch. This fight for first place isn’t over. Get out there and get on a team in August and help your comrades win! See Details below for this month’s scenario event.

May 2013 - Shootout at the Okay Corral

Tumbleweeds flew across the town as the villagers had taken to hiding on hearing about the showdown between Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid!

Wyatt (Bryce Henderson) and Billy (Exavier Sabine) took some time to size each other up, glaring at each other. Only the occasional grunt was heard before they gathered with their respective teams to begin the Long Showdown at Splatter Ranch.

The mission was all about locating components in order to construct dynamite for future explosions. The components were scattered everywhere and Billy and his Bandits had to hunt high and low. They came close to retrieving some of the items a few times, if it wasn’t for those rattlesnakes surrounding them. Wyatt and his Deputies were able to limit the Bandits from creating large quantities, so Billy and his Bandits would have to make do with what they had previously made.

The villagers were quiet as rumors of a possible bank robbery rustled through the town. Most took safety in their homes, knowing that the shootout between Billy and Wyatt would be fierce and dangerous for any surrounding onlookers

The silence was soon broken as the sound of TNT vibrated throughout the whole area. Pieces of wood and shards of glass were flying everywhere! Wyatt and his Deputies tried to prevent the robbery from being fully completed but Billy the Kid was a lot quicker on his feet and soon had his Bandits running off with the loot.

Wyatt was not going to take this robbery lying down and sent out his best team of Deputies to locate the Bandits involved. He ordered them to bring those responsible back . . . Dead or Alive!!! The Deputies searched hard and were able to locate a few bandits but others were smarter and had long since left town. Billy the Kid was not so lucky and was captured.

This would not go down well with Billy’s trustworthy Bandits and they began plotting how to get him and two of his sidekicks out of jail. The Gunfight was one of the largest shootouts the town had ever seen as they exchanged fire at tremendous rates. Billy managed to get out and escape, but the other Bandits were shot the moment they stepped out of the jail.

The only way to settle this was a showdown between Billy and Wyatt. Onlookers held their breaths as they watched the two take 10 paces. Then bam, a quick draw and Billy the Kid shot Wyatt Earp!

Overall Billy the Kid and the Bandits won the Scenario with 22000 points to Wyatt Earp and the Deputies 14500 points.


April 2013 - Counter-Strike GO

Chris Tilley was the commander for the Terrorist team and will give you the day’s play-by-play. Chris was pleased to have Kirk as second in command and an elite squad of Spetsnaz forces in Alex, C.J. and Tac.

The Counter Terrorists were lead by Jacob with his elite team of 3 Seal Team Six members comprised of D.J., Hogan and Nick. There were four missions throughout the day and each team could buy weapons and upgrades through a token system with the Spetsnaz and Seal teams as just a couple of the purchase options. Other purchases included a Kevlar Vest, Extra C4, Hostage rescue kit, Bomb defuse kit, HE Grenade. Thanks again to Nichola for running everything and helping the Haboobs be a part of the whole event.


Mission 1 (Rescue Hostages)

CounterTerrorists: Must rescue two hostages who have information regarding the terrorists’s bombing plot. These hostages were located in two different houses and rigged with explosives. If the they did not purchase a defuse kit, it would take a full 90 seconds to disarm the bomb. Once the bomb is disarmed the hostages must be taken back to the middle of the Grindhouse to complete the mission. They start at the far west end of the field. Counter Terrorists purchased their Seal Team Six.

Terrorists: Must prevent the CT’s from rescuing the hostages. They may choose to split up at either or both hostage locations.

Results: The Terrorists decided to split the team between both houses with Kirk leading one group and Chris leading the other. At the horn, we took our teams and spread them out in a defensive line across the field. They walked back and forth to plug any holes and instructed their troops on where to shoot. The CT’s closed ranks and a gunfight ensued. After about 20 minutes of back and forth splatter, it became apparent that the CTs were losing a great deal of team members.

Kirk selected some of his team members to go hunt the remainder of CT forces, while the rest stayed back with the hostages. But when they returned with their barrel sleeves on, the next thing Kirk’s squad saw was a group of CT’s putting effective fire on his depleted squad and threatening to rescue the hostage. With the other side of the field being held firm, Chris came just in time to see the Spetsnatz group coming up behind this serious threat. There were literally shouts of joy as the 3 special forces troops led by C.J. closed in and decimated the last of the effective CT forces.

Terrorists win! No hostages rescued.


Mission 2 (Escort the VIP)

Counter Terrorists: Must escort a VIP from the start zone at the west end of the field to one of two houses marked as extraction points. The VIP will have a Kevlar Vest (takes 3 shots) and only a pistol as protection.

Terrorists: Must prevent the VIP from being extracted and if possible eliminate the VIP.

Results: With similar starting positions, the Terrorists used a similar game plan splitting up the team and drawing a defensive line across the field. It was a little harder to hold the Terrorists back as they were feeling confident and wanted to attack. This was evidenced by an episode in the middle of the field during which Jacob, the leader of the CTs, took out the entire Spetsnaz team by himself! One at a time! This guy is using a pump marker by the way. Chris reacting to the loss of his entire Spetsnaz team went after Jacob with a vengeance. Same result. Luckily, the Terrorist’s VIP for the day C.J., took Jacob out and led the remainder of the team on a VIP hunt. The round was finished with a headshot to the VIP.

Terrorists Win! VIP not rescued.


Mission 3 (Eliminate the VIP)

Counter Terrorists: Must protect the VIP who is stationed in the middle room of the Grindhouse. The CT team could spread out all across the 50′ and throughout the Grindhouse to set up a defense. The VIP will have a Kevlar Vest (takes 3 shots) and only a pistol as protection.

Terrorists: Must eliminate the VIP. The terrorists will start at either of the two houses that have been used throughout the day. Grenades if detonated in a room will take out all occupants.

Results: Unknown to the terrorists, the Seal Team Six which had been helping Jacob lead the troops from behind the first two games changed tactics and decided to move as a close knit unit and let their actions do the talking. The tactic proved effective as the Seal Team swept through the Terrorist’s defenses and pushed them to desperation. The next several thrilling moments would never have been known if any of this was real. Chris was stuck in a small house out of paint with one brave rental beside him and Seal Team Six was bearing down. Alex came running up to Chris’s position from the only protected side saying, “I’m out of air” to which Chris replied, “Give me your paint!” Alex said, “I’m out of Paint!” Chris said, “We’re screwed.”

Three more players came to the house of doom as Chris appeared to be attracting his team like a death magnet. Luckily, one of the survivors was CJ who had paint and a grenade. Being in the middle of the field and close to the Grindhouse, Chris led a suicide charge with the remaining players and was shot right away. As he turned and saw the rest of his team being picked off, he just missed seeing C.J. run into the middle room of the Grindhouse with grenade in hand. Splat! C.J. painted himself and the target all for the cause. Then he shot the VIP 3 times just for good measure, those sadistic terrorists.

Terrorists Win! VIP Eliminated


Mission 4: (Plant the C4)

Counter Terrorists: Must prevent the Terrorists from detonating a C4 in each of the two target houses. CT’s can defuse the bomb once it is planted. The CT’s can start at either of the two houses that they must defend.

Terrorists: Must plant C4 at each of the two houses. The C4 will take 90 seconds to detonate. The Terrorists started at the far west side of the field.

Results: It was apparent that the tide was starting to turn after the last round. The Terrorist’s strategy was to let the Spetsnaz team hold the flank while the entire team pushed bravely on. The CT’s countered perfectly by not waiting for the Terrorists to come to them and attacking the Spetsnaz team and the Terrorist flank. After barely moving forward and hitting stiff resistance, the Terrorists were quickly surrounded and were utterly destroyed.

Counter Terrorists Win! No C4 planted

End Results: Terrorists Win Counter-Strike GO Scenario!