Located in north Scottsdale, Splatter Ranch offers approx. 20 acres of lush Sonoran Natural Terrain boasting
two large fields, with complete CO2 and compressed air filling stations, small Pro Shop, on site special orders
available, and a highly experienced, enthusiastic, professional staff to help you have a fun and safe day of Paintball.
Our 33,000 sq. ft facility includes 500 tons of dirt, bunkers, MILSIM air obstacles, sniper towers and more!
All this coupled with specialized lighting systems and professional referees offer you a fast paced thrilling experience.
Xtreme Pursuit Pro Shop carries a full line of paintball gear and accessories at our everyday low prices.
We are able to perform any servicing you need – from simple tune-ups and troubleshooting of standard
markers, to extensive internal and external modifications.

This coming Friday 04/18/2014 Xtreme Pursuit will be open as usual 3pm – 11pm and Splatter Ranch 9am – 5pm


Wow, can you believe it is April already? This month we have more Pro-Shop specials for you to look forward too. An EGGScellent Easter hunt is going on at both our locations. We also have the Q-Cumber squad producing and directing the Titanfall Scenario and our Buckeye location is taking shape more and more each day – so stay tuned for future updates.

Join us as we blur the lines between fantasy and reality as we put our own spin on one of the Hottest Games to be released this year!! Will you join the Militia or the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) 



Familiarization Video




Westworld Paintball Adventures has been named America’s Best Indoor Paintball Experience! Come visit Xtreme Pursuit, our indoor paintball field in Phoenix, or Splatter Ranch, our outdoor paintball field in North Scottsdale, AZ. Inside Xtreme Pursuit, our Pro Store carries a full line of paintball guns, gear, equipment and accessories at our everyday low prices. We are able to perform any servicing you need – from simple tune-ups and troubleshooting of paintball guns, to extensive internal and external modifications and gun upgrades. The 33,000 sq. ft Xtreme Pursuit indoor paintball location includes:

  • 500 tons of dirt
  • Bunkers
  • MILSIM Air Obstacles
  • Sniper Towers
  • Simulated War Zone Special Effects System that includes lights, sound and fog machines!
  • And Much More!

Located in North Scottsdale, our outdoor paintball field Splatter Ranch, offers:

  • 20 Acres of Lush Sonoran Natural Desert
  • Two Large Paintball Fields
  • CO2 and Compressed Air Filling Stations
  • A Highly Experienced, Enthusiastic, and Professional Staff to Help You Have a Fun and Safe Day of Paintball.



Loyalty Night

April 17th. Show us your loyalty card and receive free admission (rental equipment not included) for the day.

Ladies Night

Every Friday Night. Ladies play free at Xtreme Pursuit from 6PM – 11PM. You just need to buy paint.

Scenario Event

April 27th. Join us at Splatter Ranch, 9AM – 5PM for Titanfall Scenario. Written and Produced by the Q-Cumber Squad.


Be sure to Visit our online Paintball Supply Store at: http://azpaintballguns.com