Located in north Scottsdale, Splatter Ranch offers approx. 20 acres of lush Sonoran Natural Terrain boasting two large fields, with complete CO2 and compressed air filling stations, small Pro Shop, on site special orders available, and a highly experienced, enthusiastic, professional staff to help you have a fun and safe day of Paintball.
Westworld Paintball boasts one of the largest indoor paintball facilities in the country. Our 33,000 sq. ft. arena includes 500 tons of dirt, bunkers, MIL SIM air obstacles, and more! All this is combined with a specialized lighting and sound system, as well as professional referees, so you’ll enjoy a fast-paced, thrilling paintball experience.
Xtreme Pursuit Pro Shop carries a full line of paintball gear and accessories at our every day low prices. We are able
to perform any servicing you need – from simple tune-ups and troubleshooting of standard markers to
extensive internal and external modifications.


BOTH Locations are OPEN
Monday, February 18th!
Splatter Ranch 9AM – 5PM
Xtreme Pursuit 10AM – 6PM

All players who wish to compete must register in advance for the event on Westworld Paintball’s website. There is a Registration Fee of $20 for Westworld Paintball members, and $25 for non-Members. The Registration Fee includes entry into the contest, equipment rental (if needed), and all-day admission on the day of competition beginning at 12:00 pm when Xtreme Pursuit opens to the general public. The Registration Fee does not include paintballs, which must be purchased at Xtreme Pursuit PRIOR to the start of the competition.

Single Elimination Game Format
Players in each round will begin by standing back-to-back facing away from each other in the center of the paintball arena. A referee will blow a whistle and players will have 20 seconds to run for cover. At the sound of the referee’s second whistle, shooting begins.

Once a player has been hit by another player’s paintball, they must leave the arena’s playing field immediately. The last remaining player on the field after each preliminary round will go on to the final round of competition to determine the winner in each age group.

Sign In On Time!
Xtreme Pursuit will be open at 9:00 a.m. on February 24. All players in the JUNIOR age category will be required to sign in at Xtreme Pursuit by no later than 9:30 am and be ready to compete by 10:00 am.

All players in the ADULT age category are required to sign in at Xtreme Pursuit by no later than 10:30 am and be ready to compete by 11:00 am.

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Located in Mesa, our indoor paintball arena Xtreme Pursuit, offers:

  • 33,000 sq. ft. of playing area
  • 500 tons of dirt
  • MILSIM Air Obstacles
  • Simulated War Zone Special Effects System that includes lights, sound and fog machines!
  • A Highly Experienced, Enthusiastic, and Professional Staff to Help You Have a Fun and Safe Day of Paintball.
  • And Much More!


Located in North Scottsdale, our outdoor paintball field Splatter Ranch, offers:

  • 20 Acres of Lush Sonoran Natural Desert
  • Two Large Paintball Fields
  • Sniper Towers
  • CO2 and Compressed Air Filling Stations
  • A Highly Experienced, Enthusiastic, and Professional Staff to Help You Have a Fun and Safe Day of Paintball.
  • And Much More!

If you get hungry between games and need to refuel, Xtreme Pursuit in Mesa has a Cafe that serves up some delicious eats. Try our 7″ All Beef Hot Dog or a basket of Chicken Wings. The cheese pizza with your choice of toppings is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Stop in and dine with us. Open during regular field play hours.