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To Our Paintball Family -

We know a lot of you have questions about what is going on with the Coronavirus and if Paintball is a safe option during this confusing time. We hope that this info graphic helps answer some of those questions. We are taking additional measures as well to help provide an even safer Paintball Field than we normally do, such as spacing tables further apart to increase social distancing, we are asking groups that come together to sit together in staging areas, and we are instituting a system to sanitize and disinfect all common areas via specialty misting equipment. Our mission has always been to keep our players safe, but now, as times are changing, we are still committed to that goal and we will adapt to ensure we do all that we can to keep you and your family safe.

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday 9AM – 5PM
Sunday 9AM – 5PM


Located on the Southwest corner of Jomax and Scottsdale Rd, our outdoor paintball field Splatter Ranch, offers:

  • 20 Acres of Lush Sonoran Natural Desert
  • Two Large Paintball Fields
  • Sniper Towers
  • CO2 and Compressed Air Filling Stations
  • A Highly Experienced, Enthusiastic, and Professional Staff to Help You Have a Fun and Safe Day of Paintball.
  • And Much More!